Sunday, 19 December 2010

Harvey Nichols Christmas Window Review

Harvey Nicks has an enormous reputation for the best Christmas window display in town. However this year I think they missed a trick! The theme appeared to be a sinister Pac-man headed party involving vast swatches of tacky tinsel and wrapping paper. I do sometimes say that tack is a good thing so maybe we can look at this raucous combination of in a positive light and celebrate the bad taste.

The partying figures are your standard mannequins but with the alarming twist that their heads are enormous Christmas Tree Baubles. They are lounging in bright and dazzling Christmas scenes surrounded by infinite sheathes of tinsel, glowing words, and designer merchandise. The traditional snowman, Christmas dinner, snow covered mountain and carols embody a classical scene. Every window is overloaded with shining decorations only appropriate for this festive period but the eerie characters that inhabit each scene over shadow this. Not only are their heads enormous but also their swollen eyes refer to those of Animé characters.

The combination of frenzied decoration and super natural cartoon characters produce an unsettling sense of a corrupt Christmas seen through intoxicated eyes. In Harvey Nichols’ credit, from a distance it creates a thoroughly festive and celebratory atmosphere and entices you closer to the store. This year they have been beaten by their neighbour Harrods, but with their great reputation I am sure they will be back on top in no time.

Charlotte Summers