Saturday 18 February 2012

COLLECTION| Dans La Vie AW12 Collection AW12

Japanese designer Rira Sugawara showcased his third collection in the main Hall at Freemasons this afternoon. The atmosphere was warm and stimulating. The audience was cosmopolitan and eclectic. Fluorescent hair in purples and greens, a bright pink fur jacket and printed tops amongst tailored black suits and leather trousers.  Running fashionably late, ten-fifteen minutes off schedule, the collection strutted through onto the runway oozing confidence and attitude. The feeling was bright, pop art, retro glamour.

Sugawara was suggesting a new way of Popism, through 60’s American pop art and ‘the spiritual character of a Japanese high priest’, and he did just that. The attitude was fierce. Head to toe printed suits with spurts of electrifying bold colour. The models' hair was short and voluminous, each containing bright coloured ends in yellows, oranges and pinks. Most of the models were adorned with circular 60’s style brightly coloured sunglasses, contrasted with a pale complexion and vivid red lips, which only added to their sultry and edgy appearance. Many garments contained large printed fur collars and if not a hood, fur hat or fascinator.
Full length printed coats were key to the Dans La Vie collection and the overall collection multicoloured, with black elements present to neutralise the palette. 

Emily Palmer, VFS Contributor
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Photography by Carla Guler