Friday, 14 January 2011 celebrate its 15 years Anniversary!

15 years of, has it been that long already? An achievement for both fashion and modern technology, having pre dated even Google, is now celebrating its 15th anniversary. Beginning in 1996, it has tracked the world’s leading fashion icons and now Vogue have called in a few favours to celebrate their latest anniversary with a bang.

It’s an online party and you are invited, image what the conversation could be a party with fashions contributors there you have the backbone of Vogues online celebration. Contributors from Alexander Wang to Zandra Rhodes have all weighed in with their 15 favourite.

A few highlights are Dolce and Gabbana’s 15 favourite style tips and Sarah Doukas 15 faces to watch in 2011 and not forgetting our friends Felder Felder and their 15 favourite nights out.

So join us and pop on down to the party to celebrate an exciting and iconic anniversary.

Sara Bishop

Livia Firth will wear Prophetik to the Golden Globes this Sunday

Livia Firth has excited us all by announcing her plans to wear Prophetik at this Sundays Golden Globes on her blog at! Livia has chosen US label Prophetik as a part of her Green Carpet challenge (to only wear sustainable or eco friendly garments throughout awards season). She has chosen to don a Tussah silk dress for the glamorous event, although we will have to wait until Sunday to see the dress itself down the Red Carpet. We can’t wait!!! What a great end to the week for Prophetik, award attendees take note: we want to see more Prophetik on the Red Carpet.

Sara Bishop

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Interview with VFS Ones To Watch - Kirsy Ward

After graduating from Central Saint Martins, Kirsty Ward debuted her first collection with us at September Fashion Week. Her jewellery is just as popular as her womenswear, which is stocked on Last week saw the unveiling of Kirsty's window feature in Selfridges. Having just been announced as one of our four Ones to Watch designers, it certainly been a very busy time for Kirsty, but  we managed to find some time to get her reactions on the good news.
How are you feeling about winning Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Ones to Watch?
I feel that it a great opportunity to participate in a group catwalk and after only exhibiting last season its something im looking forward to.

What did you do to celebrate?

I'd love to say something extravagant but knowing me I probably just had a cup of tea and then getting on with my work!

What was your experience in the fashion industry before forming your own brand?

Before having my own label I completed the womenswear MA at Central St Martins. I then went straight to Italy after that to work for Alberta Ferretti as a designer, my label is still very young though, Feburary will be my second season.

Who is your favorite designer and why?

There are many, to name a few: Margiela, Helmut Lang, Raf Simons...............

If you were not a fashion designer, what would you do?

I don't know, own a sweet shop?

What music do you listen to when you designing?

I'm quite into Hot Chip, Metronomy, Fever Ray/The Knife

What’s your inspiration for your last season’s collection?

Last season it was a selection of bad taste, tinsel/lametta and Felix Topolski

Where would you like to see your label in a few years? 

I would like it to grow each season, so I would like to see it be stocked in internationally respected fashion stores

Have you been to any of our Mentoring Events? Has it helped you?

Yeah I've been to a couple of the Mentoring Events - they offer really great advice and best of all its free of charge to young designers like myself!!

Kenny Wang

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

VFS Ones To Watch Announcement

Vauxhall Fashion Scout is delighted to announce the AW11 line-up for London Fashion Week’s Ones To Watch. Internationally recognised as the leading showcase for new fashion talent, this season Ones To Watch AW11 presents Anja Mlakar, Kirsty Ward, Sara Bro-Jorgensen and Tze Goh in a back-to-back show during London Fashion Week this February.

Over the past three seasons Ones To Watch has successfully launched a whole new generation of emerging, innovative designers, including Eudon Choi, David Longshaw, Hermoine de Paula, Alice Palmer, and Dean Quinn.

Anja Mlakar

Anja Mlakar graduated from CSM Womenswear MA in 2010. Her debut 'Blue Tube' collection ignited interest and generated requests far and wide, with sustained press demand throughout the season. Anja's SS11 collection echoes elements of the three dimensional, sensual silhouettes she has become known for; while clean lines and a muted colour palette signify her venture into a new breed of elegance.

Kirsty Ward
Central Saint Martins’ Kirsty Ward graduated in 2008 with distinction and went straight on to design for Alberta Ferretti in Italy. Ward launched her label with a S/S11 debut at Vauxhall Fashion Scout during LFW. Ward’s trademark use of metal jewellery combines to create structured silhouettes and classical pieces.

Sara Bro-Jorgensen

Sara Bro-Jorgensen graduated from Royal College of Art 2010 and was immediately selected for the coveted ITS9 Award. Sara’s work draws from 2D imagery and the multi-tonal qualities of black and white photography, employing a spectrum of fabrics from chunky hand knits to paper thin silk tulle.

Tze Goh

Singapore born designer Tze Goh graduated with a BA Degree from Parsons before completing his MA at Central Saint Martins. Tze’s commitment to finer detail is evident, using malleable fabric to create a 3-Dimensioanal look, allowing the female form to come through the architectural construction. This has already proven successful with Tze’s graduate collection being snapped up by LN-CC.

"Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Ones To Watch has a strong history of showcasing the hottest new talents and attracts top international buyers and media. It is great to be able to launch and nurture the stars of tomorrow. We support them through the challenge of their first catwalk show as well as helping them build sustainable businesses” Martyn Roberts, Director of Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

Ones To Watch is chosen by panel of leading industry figures who have extensive experience in working with and promoting new talent including, ASOS and Tank Magazine.

Kenny Wang

Monday, 10 January 2011

VFS Mentoring Event Tomorrow!

Vauxhall Fashion Scout is kicking off the New Year with the fourth in our new series of mentoring event in partnership with the Hospital Club.

With Fashion Week just around the corner, generating press coverage is hugely important to all designers. With guest speakers from different specialist disciplines, this event will be able to advise on

what you can do for yourself

approaching the press

what’s newsworthy

how to handle interviews

securing press credits

how to get the most out of a PR agency


Jessica is the Fashion Features Editor for and is responsible for the writing and breaking daily news stories, designer interviews and Vogue Loves pages. She covers and features the shows during Fashion Week and is always on the look out for new designers.


Caroline Issa is the Exclusive Fashion Director and Publisher of Tank magazine. Her publishing house, Tank Magazine Ltd, also publish "O:Magazine by Tank", the luxury fashion supplement for The Observer.Caroline is also editor-in-chief of online publication, Because Magazine.

Kenny Wang

Jemma Dyas Talk to Fashion Scout about ASOS Market Place

ASOS, the go to fashion site for everything from exclusive collections to niche designers, well-priced accessories, cleverly selected high-street brands, menswear and kidswear recently added Marketplace to their almost-overflowing stable. Powered by a ‘collective love of fashion’, users are able to sell their wares – as individual sellers or boutiques, meaning Marketplace sits somewhere between eBay and streetstyle blogs. Minus annoying and pouty poses. If your New Year resolutions included streamlining your closet whilst earning some dollar, Marketplace might be your best bet. We caught up with Jemma Dyas, Marketplace Fashion Scout, responsible for sourcing fresh fashion talent for the site – recent additions include Draw In Light and Astrid Anderson – to find out more.

Obviously Google just launched their Google Boutique, to much blogger fanfare and hype. Was you worried that it might distract attention from ASOS's new venture?

Not at all, the two concepts are quite different. ASOS Marketplace is about celebrating personal style, small businesses and innovative creative talent we believe that it’s not only the catwalk that starts and create trends but individuals and street culture also have huge influences.

I love the manifesto, how important was it that the key message behind the venture be conveyed to the consumer? I like that honesty, lots of brands seem to jump on a trend (maybe eco issues, green living etc) just as a way to reach a new audience easily...

The success of Marketplace relies on our fashion community interacting with the site, showing off their love of fashion through buying, selling and ‘loving’ items across the site, so we want everyone on board! The site is a true celebration of fashion, it’s a place for style inspiration as much as shopping. It puts control and creativity back into the users hands, so it’s incredibly important to convey this message.

ASOS is clearly doing well despite the Recession, do you see Marketplace as a natural progression of ASOS, or an acknowledgement of a market gap and an attempt to fill it?

Marketplace has been a dream of ASOS for several years now, it’s always been about empowering our customer, creating even more of a community and realising that there is so much creative talent around the world that should be celebrated. ASOS is a destination for fashion discoveries!

The recession has changed how and why people shop, do you think Marketplace would have worked five years ago?

I think that shoppers want something unique and special and this is a huge part of ASOS Marketplace but individuality is something that has always been prevalent in fashion and great personal style has always been aspirational so in those terms yes however the evolution of the community aspect in shopping and online wasn’t anywhere near as developed five years ago and this is hugely important to the Marketplace DNA.

Where will you be 'scouting' for new fashion sellers and brands?

Worldwide, which is the most exciting thing about Marketplace. Because we are looking for so many different “sellers” whether vintage, emerging designer, multi brand boutique, independent label or even wardrobe recycler the mix should always remain eclectic and exciting.

Is there any specific criteria you look for?

When recruiting for the boutiques my criteria hasn’t changed from when I was buying. It’s about falling in love with a designer and their collection first and foremost but then because we are giving them their own platform to sell from we need to ensure that they have good support systems, reliable production, relevant pricing structures and good understanding of the importance of good customer service and delivery times in place. It’s about believing in a brand/designer/store’s vision for the future and supporting them on the journey to achieve their goals.

Any plans to develop Marketplace further in the future?

Absolutely expect bigger and better things to come from Marketplace, it’s developing all the time! Our next big focus will be on opening up for international sellers.

Please visit ASOS Market Place Here!

Victoria Loomes