Friday, 2 September 2011

Sponsor Announcement:THE TEASHED

Hey Followers! Today were happy to announce that THE TEASHED are now sponsoring us!
The hip brand is determined to serve the nation and beyond tea of the best quality.

 Tea has always been and will always be at the heart of Britain.  But how come a drink that is so loved is going neglected?
Some tea companies fill tea bags with only the 'dust' from the plants rather than quality whole leaves. All *TeaShed teas however, are made from the finest tealeaves which are then lovingly wrapped in silky pyramid bags for you to enjoy with ease.

They also sell a number of cute tea accessories and artsy homeware products.You can also keep up to date with TEASHED news and events by looking at their blog.

The Body Shop: Makeover Session!



Hi VFS followers! It's friday! wooooooooooooooo!
The artistic hand that is Lan has created two fabulous looks for us. One natural highlighting of the face and  the other a darker more fierce smoky eye look on our two lovely assistants.

Using a range of the beautiful crafted make up products as well as implements all from the body shop, Lan knows how to manipulate them to create the freshest looks. Like a modern artist she paints visages with ease and slight of hand enhancing and bring forth features people never knew they had are her forte.


You can never go wrong with smokey eyes!

She also gave us a few tips on what to do with certain products to achieve different looks!
People with wider eyes should focus more on their lip colour and use less eye makeup while those with smaller eyes should use a lot more. We also found out that by mixing the liquid eye liner with any Shimmering cube eyeshadow shade you could make new distinctive shades. The brushes from the body shop are smooth and irritation free! Ask Kinga! She was totally relaxed!
The Body Shop brand produces a range of foundations that include oil free and tinted moisturises that don’t flake or smudge off!

But don’t take our word for it! We’ll have some tips up from Lan herself soon!!!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

FASHION156 Designer Collaboration

T-shirt designs:Lu Flux, t.lipop and Asger Juel Larsen.
Good afternoon followers!
Fashion156 have collaborated with 20 talented designers to create a range of exclusive t-shirts.
Each designer has printed and produced 15 exquisite t-shirts.
Designers include: Alice Palmer, Asger Juel Larsen, T. Lipop, Kirsty Ward, David Longshaw and James Small and Lu Flux; who are all Vauxhall Fashion Scout Alumni.
The collaboration was struck up to celebrate 5 fasionable years online.
The tees are available to buy here

'Wash' James Small SS12 film starring Jaime Winstone and the Astra GTC

One of Jame Small's colourful creations
Actress Jamie Winstone
James Small's printed shirts

Hey VFS followers!
We've got some fashion film news today!
James Small Menswear gets hot & wet with new fashion film ‘Wash’ starring Jaime Winstone and the new Vauxhall Astra GTC – the film has been directed by Konstantinos Menelaou (producer at large and art director of A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival by Diane Pernet).  Wash showcases James’ SS2012 collection and announces Vauxhall Motor’s patronage of the innovative British menswear designer as part of its support of Vauxhall Fashion Scout. 

Vauxhall Motors has loaned James Small one of the first exclusive Astra GTC’s and collaborated on a moving image showcase to highlight his collection.  Further support will take the form of sponsoring James’ show and after party on Wednesday 21st September.  James Small Menswear will show as part of Menswear day at Vauxhall Fashion Scout held at Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden.

The film tells the story of a strong, beautiful and stylish woman who spends her summer days driving from carwash to carwash to look at men wash her car. She alludes power, style and is in control of her surroundings.  After confirming her authority, she signals the start of the carwash by removing a boom box out of the boot of her car and hitting the play button.  The men proceed to wash her car for her to view, interacting with them with the same unaffected composure. As soon as the music stops, it signals the end of the carwash and she gets into the car drives off to find the next carwash, leaving the men waiting.
Commenting on the creation of ‘Wash’ Konstantinos Menelaou stated; “We wanted to subvert the male dominated fantasy of the carwash as it traditionally portrays an object of male power (the car) being cleaned by an object of male desire (the girl).  In this case we reverse the roles and we give the power to the woman”. 
The female lead in the short is played by British Actress Jaime Winstone who James Small cast. James comments “Jaime is a great friend and we needed someone that could fit with the slick and powerful look of the Astra GTC and make it work in the context of subverting male fantasy”.  

James Small went onto comment; “The SS12 collection is all about forward thinking and its great that Vauxhall Motors let me work in such a dynamic way with the Vauxhall Astra GTC. I cast the Vauxhall Astra GTC as its sleek design fitted the collection – which is all about looking back to my days in art college when we were allowed to freely express creativity and find our own personal style. I have streamlined the collection into a sleek and romantic vision incorporating the James Small trademark silk shirts and use of floral. Wash reflects this”.

Music for the short has been provided by East End artist, Actually Huizenga. 
To view Vauxhall Motors presents ‘James Small SS12 Wash’ click here
You can also watch the behind the scenes video here

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Shao Yen featured in FASHION156

Shao Yen Chen diligently working on his collection
Good afternoon VFS followers! Hope you all enjoyed your Bank holiday weekend! 

Shao Yen, one of our Ones To Watch Men Award winners discusses his SS12 collection which will debut in September with Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

"It made me realise how hard it is but also how exciting it is too. In college you don’t learn those things so when you start your work and you go through the process of producing a collection you realise how many people are involved and how many hours it involves. It made me surer that I really wanted to try it." Shao Yen on Interning

Check out the rest of the interview here