Friday, 24 June 2011

WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2011. Breakthrough is the word.

Breakthrough is word, simply because four of our designers and one of our Selection Panel member have been shortlisted as Breakthrough Designers and Breakthrough Brand categories. 

We are really happy to support breakthrough and innovation. 

WGSN, the leading online fashion trend-analysis and research service providing creative and business intelligence for the apparel, style, design and retail unveiled their 2011 shortlist. 

With this GLobal Fashion Awards, WGSN celebrates and prizes different fields from the industry, such as the most innovative Marketing campaign, pointing out the most influential menswear and womenswear designers, best E-tailing,   among others. Giving and highlighting  the excellence in this fields and shortlisting and recognizing talent. 

One of the categories they have included is Breakthrough designer, emphasizing and placing the great job that this new designers have done, and how they creations have turned fashion upside down. 

Four designer that showed with Vauxhall Fashion Scout before have been shortlisted in this category:

Kirsty Ward
Eudon Choi
Una Burke
Masha Ma

Congratulations guys. For you,  it means what you have done is being recognized and as well that your vision gave a new point of view into fashion, breaking and giving something new. VFS office felt really happy for you, and gave us energy to keep supporting and showcasing innovation. 

Also, we want to celebrate the shortlisting of our Selection Panel member, Not Just A Label who has been nominated for Breakthrough Brand category. And they definitely deserve this shortlisting in this category as they really push and support new talents and fashion pioneers. Turning themselves into pioneers by giving such a great online background. Congratulations to the Black sheep!

And stay tuned for next week, big announces will be unveiled. Can´t wait to finally say what is happening and what we are involve with. So exciting!

To know more about the WGSN Global Fashion Awards click here.