Friday, 24 September 2010

Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom

Vauxhall Fashion Scout  is bringing 20 Designers to exhibit in our exclusive Paris Showroom next week.

The Showroom will take place during Paris Fashion Week from Thursday 30th September until Tuesday 5th October 2010 and opens between 10am and 7pm daily.

We will be exhibiting a sterling selection from our crop of emerging London designers; fresh off the catwalks of London Fashion Week and straight to the prestigious platform that is Paris Fashion Week.

The Designers Include:

Carianne Moore
Carlotta Gherzi for Sado
David Longshaw
Elliott J Frieze
Eudon Choi
Gemma Slack
Georgia Hardinge
Hermione de Paula
Iris Van Herpen
Katie Rowland
Lako Bukia

Lislie Yeung
Masha Ma
Piers Atkinson
Romeo Pires
Una Burke
Yasmin Kianfar
Yorkshire Pearl

Showroom Location:
10/12 rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais

For further info contact

Lara Angol

Thursday, 23 September 2010

London Fashion Week, Thats A Wrap!

Huge audiences filled our shows this season
John Walford briefs the models during rehearsal
Martyn Roberts Chats with film crew about Fashion Scout

It's official! The chaos of London Fashion Week has firmly drawn to a close! After the last scrap of hairspray had been sprayed, the catwalk swept and before the glamorous fashion parties kicked off, I couldn't think of a better time to hear what Vauxhall Fashion Scout Directors Martyn Roberts and John Walford have to say about the success of this season.

"The clothes have been exceptional in both design and concept this season. I thought the quality of garment make has noticeably improved, already exceptional, they've reached considerable highs this season. This goes not just for our designers but throughout London.
I was of course thrilled with our Merit Award shows, this seasons Eudon Choi and last seasons Hermione de Paula. Using the breathtaking Vestibule in the Freemasons Hall for some of our catwalk shows was perfection" - John Walford

"We're at the end of an amazing week. A week that has gone extremely well! We've had great audiences and are really pleased with the amount of on-schedule designers that have shown with us. With this said, we aim to grow and present more and more on-schedule designers with each season. I am particularly pleased with our Ones-To-Watch designers, whom after debuting at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, have recieved staggering feedback and interest. Overall, Spring/Summer 11 has been a triumph!" - Martyn Roberts

It appears it was not just us but Jessica Bumpus of had great things to say about our young designers coining Fashion Scout as a "London's leading hotbed of fashion talent". Click HERE to read the full report!

Keep following the blog to hear more about the success of our designers, (post-Fashion Week) and follow what we get up to during Paris Fashion Week later this month!

Words: Lara Angol
Images: Lucas Seidenfaden and Natalia Ilina

Catwalk show Review : Tim Soar

Flared legs, elongated oblique lapels and synthetic fabric choices reflect a look representative of seventies style culture at Tim Soar SS ’11. The use of the industrial material tyvec, (dubbed ‘the wonder material of the seventies’) and shiny polyurethane created a crisp paper effect to white shirts and trouser/top combos. Another key textile was denim, both recycled and new, which when featured on padded patchwork waistcoats added a casual appearance to smart suits.

As part of his SS ’11 collection, Tim Soar presents his ongoing SHE:HIM project, for which he introduces key elements from his high tailored menswear line into womenswear; smart straight-leg trousers and sleeveless suit jackets worn as dresses, all clinched at the waist with a simple denim wrap belt. 

Words : Sarah Barlow
Illustration : Vic Riches 
Images : Lucas Seidenfaden

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sara Gilmour For Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Sara in action...

Every season we see a growing list of talented industry experts who choose to collaborate with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of their hard work and creative professionalism. One of the most talked about shows at London Fashion Week this season was our very own ‘Ones To Watch’ that took place last Friday. Providing a stylistic edge to the SS ‘11 collections from A.Hallucination, LiLee, Charlotte Taylor and Georgia Hardinge was freelance fashion stylist, Sara Gilmour, who also produced the styling behind Fashion Mode’s runway show this weekend. But Sara certainly is no stranger to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout designer lineup this season; as head stylist behind our preview shoot earlier this month, Sara has worked her magic on pretty much all of our designer’s latest creations. With previous experience at notable style magazines including Tank and Harper’s Bazaar, we certainly were fortunate to have such a fantastic stylist involved in our projects and shows this season... Thanks Sara! 

Images : Natalia Ilina

Sponsors : Vauxhall Car by Charlotte Taylor

Each season Vauxhall Fashion Scout gets a swish Vauxhall motor to display outside of the venue. This season Ones-To-watch designer Charlotte Taylor collaborated with Vauxhall to design a print for the glossy new car, which has been on display all week!

Taking inspiration from mechanical toys, Charlotte mimicked prints in her collection for the design. The cutest Fashion Scout car yet!

Catwalk Show Review : Orschel-Read

‘The spy who becomes me’, Orschel-Read’s dapper SS11 collection, emerged in a stream of flight style jackets, biker chic, military appeal and suited elegance. Exploring a transitionary phase of young playboy to responsible gentleman, designer Stefan experimented with contrasting fabrics and colour, indicating the old and the new.
His key pieces included beaded bias cut vests, iridescent green striped tailored trousers, exaggerated V-neck ribbed knit jumpers and modish tweed marl blazers. The collection included extremely luxurious textures from silk and cashmere to shimmering dark blue tonic material. Seventies inspired prints were also employed: polka-dot poplin, paisley and Italian bird patterned silk. Accessories were minimal – silver cufflinks with an eagle motif, reiterating the military premise throughout.
The finale ensued allowing me a second glance at the array of dandy outfits before me. Patent brogues and a peek of contrasting coloured socks, cotton shorts, skinny scarves and pin striped pleated trousers  all tickled my fancy.
After the astonishing runway show, I took the opportunity to chat with singer Nate James who had also enjoyed the proceedings, being a firm fan of Orschel-Read already. He enthused, “it was amazing. I loved the sharp cuts and those low V-neck tanks. I was a fan of the bird print too!”
Orschel-Read is stocked at Not Just A Label. Don’t miss out! 
Words : Tess Stam

Illustration: KELLYANNA
Photography: Lucas Seidenfaden

Menswear Day : Agi&Sam


A throng of fashionistas and photographers descended on the presentation room at Vauxhall Fashion Scout this afternoon to witness the fashion week debut of Agi&Sam, the exciting young menswear label currently the talk of Freemasons Hall. The narrow entrance to the grand art-deco space where the duo’s second collection, titled The Native American Colonisation of the United States, is being held is momentarily blocked with eager photographers shooting the elaborate installation created by the duo and expert art directors from the Off World project.
Models clad in hand-crafted moccasins, ankle grazing slim fit slacks and blazers, in a kaleidoscopic array of colours, textures and prints, lounge lazily in a space littered with dirt, dead leaves, antiques  and animal bones.  The looks are playful and styled with quirky accessories including on-trend rucksacks and animal bone jewellery.
A model with poker straight long hair wears tobacco coloured slacks, a tailored shirt with a hazy print effect in black, burnt orange, green and crimson and a simplistic Indian-woven trench coat and fedora,  displaying the collections affinity with an earthy Native American aesthetic but a desire to make clothes which are covetable, contemporary, and above all, cool.
Amongst the crowd we spotted an up-and-coming talent of the musical variety, UK music producer Labyrinth, who was decked out in clothes from this collection and gushed “I love these guys and what they do!” Labyrinth wore slim-fit baby blue trousers with a ‘dead bodies’ print inspired by a Wild West movie, teamed with a crisp white Agi&Sam shirt and Louis Vuitton quilted bomber.

Words & Images : Alex Fynn O'Neill
Illustrations : Vic Riches

Menswear Day : studio_805

5 models stood, elevated over the audience, dripping in textures and body paint. The looks appeared to be inspired by utility, camouflage, guerilla militia and predators.

Reeds and leafy branches bound with straps rested on chests as models stood hooded and cloaked in camouflage prints. One model posed in an all black outfit, a web of harnesses stretched across his chest, revealed beneath a low swinging vest and a pair of bunched black shorts, volume and gathers created with backpack staps. 

Neon orange, high-vis brights contrasted the darker camos. Looking at each look lined up, I was reminded of camping and sleeping bags, as straps, and braces around the torso and feet created tensions.

There were towering antlers wrapped in illuminated orange tape and cheetah prints decorated the skin. Never failing to produce dramatic and conceptual designs, menswear designer Andrew Banister presented a graphic and imaginative collection.

Words : Lara Angol
Images : Alex Fynn O'Neill 
Illustrations : Vic Riches

Menswear Day : Post Human Wardrobe

As Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Exhibition Hall was prepared for today’s menswear presentations, I sneaked to the forefront of the action to admire Nimesh Gadhia’s debut collection, ‘Ethereal Conflict’. Instead of the archetypal male models strutting around, I witnessed Gadhia’s choice of expert black-belt fighters who were warming up on suitably coloured teal gym mats. This reminded me of the purpose behind Post Human Wardrobe, “a contemporary menswear brand that takes traditional elements of men’s tailoring and garment construction and applies them to various extreme physical disciplines”. I got a detailed look at some of his pieces before the show even began, absorbed by the neutral colour scheme, ranging from navy to white via khakis and greys. The presentation began in time to a modern, upbeat dance track and the martial art wrestlers performed a striking piece highlighting their incredible flexibility and strength. Their movement emphasised the stretch and durability of the clothes, as they appeared in contemporary suits, stripping their black jackets off to reveal fitted shirts with skinny ties. Others wore outfits constructed of asymmetric lines with skewed cut shirts.
The presentation finished with a vivid short video, shot in greyscale. The audience were entranced by a montage of behind the scenes action, filmed at an angle. Male silhouettes signified power as a fourth figure leapt over in a final display of supremacy. The music died to the thud of men’s feet hitting the floor.
As the rest of the viewers were left in a daze, gripped by Nimesh’s creative flair, I was able to chat to him about what we’d just observed!
What was your inspiration when designing ‘Ethereal Conflict’?
I was interested in Brazilian Martial Arts, Jujitsu and Capoeira, and wanted to explore the freedom of movement behind this and transfer it to the clothes I make. I wanted to create practical menswear by applying traditional methods and technique. Because I gave so much attention to patterns and the method behind clothes construction, I kept the colours quite neutral to avoid overkill.
Are you enjoying exhibiting with Vauxhall Fashion Scout for London Fashion Week?
Yes thanks. It has been hectic to arrange everything for today but fashion’s fashion and it’s going really well so far. 

Words : Tess Stam
Images : Alex Fynn O'Neill

Technology and Fashion Fuse : Sony VAIO at Vauxhall Fashion Scout

No longer confined to the pages of magazines, fashion has exploded to the virtual world of the net with blogs and social networking sites alike. With Sony VAIO sponsoring Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s very own Media Centre, guests, the press and buyers can update their websites instantaneously, reviewing the shows almost as they happen! In this fast paced world, it’s the perfect opportunity for the audience to have their thoughts heard as they think them! Sony have also provided huge HD screens in the foyer of the Freemasons’ Hall, Keeping our guests up to date with the stunning replays of our runway shows.

Words : Lara Angol
Images : Natalia Ilina

D.GNAK Catwalk Review

Renowned male model Luke Worrall opened the show

After successful shows and presentations in Seoul, New York and L.A, D.GNAK, made their London Fashion Week debut today, kicking off this season’s menswear displays at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. The Korean based fashion label, (which read backwards spells the founding designers name; Kang Dong-Jun) presented us with an array of high tailored menswear, mixing smart sophistication with contemporary casual.

For SS ’11, D.GNAK focuses on the hectic, busy and stressful lifestyles of a workaholic male. Ink spot prints on polo shirts, ties bursting through jacket pockets and untucked pinstriped shirts creates an intentional messy and unkempt look, representative of the overworked.

A muted colour palette of navy blue, smokey grey and camel beige was featured on a selection of ruched-leg chinos, double breasted capes and tailored waistcoats. Asymmetry was another key style seen at D.GNAK this morning, with uneven lengths to white cotton shirts as well as one-sided lapelled suit jackets.

To close the show, an army of models invaded the runway, all sporting the same grey and white, linen pyjama combos: a perfect end to a long days work!

Words: Sarah Barlow
Illustration: KELLYANNA
Photography: Lucas Seidenfaden

Media Centre : Interview With Interior Designer Selma Karlsdottir

Passionate interior design graduate Selma had the enormous task of styling Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Media Centre for London Fashion Week. The Media Centre is a relaxed and peaceful environment for journalists and press alike to compile their ideas regarding the runway shows and exhibition pieces for immediate online release! Selma constructed a chic, clean and modern space including chic white flower arrangements with dark green leaves. Shining white tables and chairs with a silver touch were shielded from the fashion mania outside by flowing white drapes. Before the week was up, we had a quick chat with Selma about her vision for the space:
What ideas were behind the look that you created for the Media Centre?
I wanted it to be modern, sleek and sophisticated with clean lines but also to be integrated with the fabulous architecture of the building. There wasn’t one particular subject that I used for my inspiration; I just wanted to make the space work for me as well as for Freemasons’ Hall. 

What are your thoughts on having the opportunity to design for Vauxhall Fashion Scout?
It’s amazing to be able to design for this kind of big event. Especially as I am the only designer doing it. It’s a lot different to just interning in a big company with lots of others.
To see more of Selma’s interior designing skills and to find out exactly what she’s about, take a look at

Words : Tess Stam
Images : Lara Angol

Backstage Sponsor : Starbucks

As any London Fashion Week veteran would know, It is one of the most schedule filling, fast paced events in the year. With models, make-up artists, journalist and designers darting from venue to venue, show to show, following fashion can be exhausting!

Luckily for the first time ever, the peoples favorite coffee company Starbucks is sponsoring Vauxhall Fashion Scout supplying much needed caffine kicks to all our models and make up artists hard at work backstage before each show. 

The simple sachets are easy to grab if you're in a rush as they brew in the cup! Perfectly suited for the busy lifestyle of a fashionite!

Words : Lara Angol
Images : Natalia Ilina

Catwalk Sponsor : Toni & Guy

Fashion Scout’s spectacular runway shows would not be the same if it wasn’t for the impressive skills of the amazing Toni & Guy team. We all know that a fashion show isn’t a fashion show without stunning make-up and hair styles to go with it! Season after season, we invite the talented teams of Toni & Guy hairdressers to style the models’ hair before every show and they never fail to disappoint. This week we’ve seen hair ranging from exaggerated up-dos, crimped styles, sophisticated ponytails and backcombed bouffant looks. Here in the office we’re already practicing on each other to get ahead of the hair trends for SS11!

Words : Tess Stam
Images : Natalia Ilina