Friday, 12 April 2013

NEWS| Sample Sale Review

Tuesday night saw a collection of ten Fashion Scout current and alumni designers come together for a successful sample sale evening at Beach Blanket Babylon Shoreditch. Between 6-10pm buyers and the general public were able to get their hands on fantastically priced samples and pre-order pieces from the A/W 13/14 collections. 
We had a quick catch up with one of the designers Ming-Pin Tien on how the night went:

How did the sample sale go? Who did you meet at the sample sale?

It went really well! There was a Chinese girl who purchased one of my AW12 pieces and it turned out she is running a PR company based in Hong Kong. We discussed the possibility of working together in the near future and it will be amazing if that happens.

Is there a piece from your collection, which you noticed was the most popular at the sale?

I had a neoprene top with metal studs implanted from my A/W12 collection and it just dragged people’s attention!

The busy evening also saw the display of the latest collections by Eudon Choi, Patick li, Kirsty Ward, Danielle Foster, Alice Lee, David Longshaw, Shao Yen, Eleanor Amoroso, Claudia Ligari, Jennifer Morris and Manuela Dack. With pieces ranging from jewellery and accessories to garments there was something for everyone in the lovely light space at Beach Blanket Babylon. 

Images and text by Lauren Slater

Thursday, 11 April 2013

NEWS| SHOWstudio's 'Sonomorphic Mirror' fashion film feat. Iris van Herpen

'Sonomorphic Mirror', the completed fashion film from Fashion Scout alumni Iris van Herpen's collaboration with SHOWstudio's Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness has been published.

Artist Geoffrey Lillemon and sound artist Salvador Breed have transformed Knight's footage of the 'Splash' project  - the seven day live streamed initiative which saw van Herpen create a one of a kind shifting dress which was inspired by Guinness being splashed with black and clear water - into a mesmerising short fashion film. 

Edited footage of the live stream will shortly be available on SHOWstudio's here.  

By Cass Gowing, Editor @CassGowing
Images and Video from SHOWstudio

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

NEWS| Iris Van Herpen collaborates with Daphne Guinness and Nick Knight for SHOWstudio

As far as cutting edge fashion technology goes; this week sees a most innovative; and heavily experimental collaboration between Fashion Scout alumni, Iris Van Herpen, Daphne Guinness and Nick Knight for SHOWstudio.

The product of this mergence of talent comes in the shape of the ‘Crystallization’ dress; conceptualized by both Iris and Nick. The creative process is documented on camera, during a week-long live broadcast, in which the live stream captures Daphne being splashed with black and clear water using high speed camera technology, so to create technological footage, from which Iris will take inspiration for her one-of-a-kind water dress.

The broadcast showcases Iris’s love of futuristic technologies, intangible technologies and illusive concepts, which combined with archaic crafts, create shape-shifting creations, which defy all forms of logic. Knight is set to shoot Daphne in the completed dress, which will be viewable to the public at the SHOWcabinet from June.

After seven days of work, the team unveiled the finish piece live this morning at 11am. For more information visit SHOWstudio's website

Post by Brooke McCord@BrookeMcCord 
Photos by Bart Oomes and Roland Didier, via SHOWstudio

Monday, 8 April 2013

NEWS| Ksenia Schnaider Bodywarmer A/W13 collection.

We're delighted to present Ksenia Schnaider's AW13 collection, Bodywarmer. Inspired by the quilted cotton winter garment of the Soviet Union, Schnaider has injected style into the functionality of the warmer through her dark colour palette and use of leather, velvet and silk.

Presenting her SS13 collection with Fashion Scout in February, the designer exhibited alongside eight other Ukrainian designers as a part of our Kiev Fashion Days. Founded in 2011, the Ksenia Schnaider brand aesthetic is an innovative one that not only edges on the avant-garde, but strives to give space and freedom for the wearer to express their personal beliefs. 

By Josh Walker (@josh_walker_)
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