Friday, 8 March 2013

NEWS| TANK magazine features Yifang Wan and Ai Weiwei

TANK magazine have highlighted on their social media channels FEB'13 Merit Award Winner Yifang Wan's encounter with Ai Weiwei prior to her A/W13 show. Published on their Twitter and Facebook channels, the eponymous magazine stated:

"Young designer Yifang Wan met with Ai Weiwei when she was in China. Little did she know she was about to get a make over.

As a way to test how comfortable people are on letting a total stranger in, Ai Weiwei cuts strangers hair and documents this on his instagram. 

Here's Yifang's finished do!"

We blogged about Yifang's meeting with renowned artist Ai Weiwei during fashion week, read the full post here

Blog Post by Editor Cass Gowing
First photo, images from Ai Weiwei's Instagram as used by Tank Magazine, second images courtessey of Yifang Wan

Thursday, 7 March 2013

NEWS| Kirsty Ward collaborates with Williams Handmade

London- based, British born designer Kirsty Ward and fellow British designer, Sarah Williams of Williams Handmade has collaborated for a most inventive, AW13 collection. 

Whilst Kirsty’s brand aesthetic celebrates unconventional structures, bold cuts, defined form and the most powerful of embellishments; Williams Handmade is renowned for it’s utilisation of historic regional craftsmanship, which celebrates traditional British heritage while illustrating the need for a greater appreciation of cultural diversity and preservation of local and regional differences – an element personified through innovative, original designs.

Through their joint work, the duo have produced a capsule range consisting of four bag styles, each featuring detachable and interchangeable straps. The designs include a structured rucksack and three satchel varieties, showcased through a palette of rose pink, turquoise and grey. The fusion of traditional style and craftsmanship, twinned with quirky, bold signature embellishments provides wearable bags, whilst illustrating a conceptual amalgamation of two innovative brand aesthetics.

By Brooke McCord (@BrookeMcCord)
Images by Alexander Jordan, from Twin Factory

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

PARIS| Fashion Scout Paris Showroom Overview

Another Fashion Week season comes to a close as Fashion Scout return from presenting the very best of global fashion and design talent at our Paris Showroom. Held from Thursday 28th February through to Tuesday 5th March 2013, the Fashion Scout Paris Showroom was once again a resounding success. 

Our eighth season in Paris, yet the first since our global relaunch as Fashion Scout, we showcased the best of UK and International designers, straight from our Fashion Scout London showcase. 

Thank you to the designers who showcased at our Paris Fashion Scout showroom as well as all buyers, members of press and industry who attended. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

PARIS| Final Day in the Fashion Scout Showroom

As Paris Fashion Week draws to a close, Tuesday the 5th March is the last day to sample Fashion Scout’s selection of the best international design talent. Fashion Scout’s Paris showroom brings together 20 of the most skilled new designers from the UK and around the world.

With a reputation for attracting the leading buyers from all corners of the globe, Fashion Scout Paris has a proven track record for delivering results. Its been an excitingly busy week so far and thanks goes out to Vogue Italia, Vogue China, Sister Tokyo, Debut, Joyce, No.6 Store New York, British Fashion Council, Acne Paper, i-D Magazine, Dolce & Gabbana, Ships, Opening Cermony, Beams, The Number 4, Voulez Vous, Mode Walk, Dash Magazine, Vogue Taiwan, Bengt and Cement to name a few for their visits to the showroom.

Our 20 designers are showcasing for one final day and available to visit at 23, Rue du Roi de Sicile, Paris 75004 until 5pm.

Monday, 4 March 2013

PARIS| Yulia Kondranina at Fashion Scout Paris

New face and Ones to Watch star Yulia Kondranina is showcasing her collection in Paris at the Fashion Scout showroom after a well received London catwalk show and exhibition. Yulia’s impressively hand worked collection is centred around beautiful tasselled work and impeccably cut tailored pieces. 

Yulia, tell us about your main inspiration for this current collection?

I wanted to continue on with the same technique I created for my graduate MA collection. But this time I wanted to use even more feminine silhouettes and start to include tailoring in my collections. I have also introduced colour this time. I am always inspired by my material processes, sculpture, style, art and craft – experimenting with new materials and then seeing what happens along the way! The tasselling came from artists I saw and liked, namely Anton Pevsner, Jurgen Mayer and Claire Zeisler. 

Do you have a favourite piece from your collection?

The tailored Jacket with a cut out tasselled back and my colourful dresses. I think these together sum up my whole collection. 

How have you found the Fashion Scout Paris showroom?

It has been really good, everything is new for me because I have not before designed my own label independently. Fashion Scout have been a great way to learn about everything from Branding and Marketing, to pricing my collection and how to chat with buyers.

So what are you planning to do next?
I am thinking I will have a couple of days break after Paris, then back to London and moving forward. I love being constantly busy and am really looking forward to a new collection and developing something new. Style wise I am experimenting with new craft processes to bring in something new. 

Text: Lauren Slater

Sunday, 3 March 2013

PARIS| Designer Collection Apu Jan at Fashion Scout

New face Apu Jan is following hot on the heels of his catwalk show in London at the Freemasons Hall showcasing his collection at Fashion Scout’s Paris showroom. We caught up with the designer to find out how he is finding his first Paris showroom experience.
This is your first collection and your first Paris showroom. How are you finding the Fashion Scout Paris showroom?I have had some really great feedback, and because this is my first collection this is very valuable to me. Particularly on the marketing side, speaking to buyers and finding out which pieces will sell well.
What do you think are the advantages of showing in Paris? To meet more international buyers, people who don’t go to London. Also to get more feedback. For me as a new designer a big advantage is to see the amazing professional standard of displaying work and to see how other designers present their collections for sales.
What was your main inspiration for this current collection?It all came from Petroleum, how it comes into existence – so mining the Petroleum from the sea. The history of Petroleum and the fact that it is slowly disappearing Is reflected in my collection which ranges from heavily printed pieces to solid black garments. This tells the story of how we have mined it into almost non-existence and the black represents the present day and lack of these recourses.

Apu's collection is available to view until Tuesday 5th March at the Fashion Scout Paris Showroom.   

PARIS| Designer Feature - Timur Kim

After great success showing at the Freemasons Hall during London Fashion Week Timur Kim has bought his elegant printed collection to display at the Fashion Scout Paris Showrooms. We caught up with Timur to find out more about his beautifully executed collection.

What are you looking forward to most about the Fashion Scout Paris showroom?
To see new buyers and the way that you can promote your collection – you never know who is about to walk through that door.

What do you think are the advantages to showing in Paris?
You kind of have to show in Paris, its how this industry works. If you don’t show in Paris you will miss out on valuable relationships with buyers.

What is your main inspiration behind this latest collection?
Caviar and Russian Heritage. I like the idea of the total print look so taking this Caviar idea into print. There is also the luxury element to Caviar, we are doing a collaboration with Oliver Sweeny to create this great line of printed luxury accessories for men too.

Timur Kim’s collection is available to view until the 5th March in the Fashion Scout Paris showroom, 23 Rue du Roi de Sicile, Paris 75004.