Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Kiev Fashion Days designer Anna Kolomoets, who showcased her designs at Fashion Scout London FEB'13 began her designing career at the age of 15 and presented her A/W13 collection as part of Fashion Scout Kiev last week. 

The collection takes a look at definitive shapes spinning them with a mix of metallic inserts and relaxed pieces that are quietly complex. Statement pieces stand out with beautiful and intricately designed cut outs that show the designer’s stunning attention to detail. Anna Kolomoets’ youthful energy is reflected in the collection’s innovative reinvention of separates and classic shapes.

By Cass Gowing, Editor
Images by Natalia Ilina

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


This Sunday saw the showcase of the AW13 Yana Chaplygina Collection on the Fashion Scout Catwalk in Kiev; and with Yana being a renowned master of juxtapositioned fabrics, heavy print and contrasting fabric compositions in her previous work, this collection was by no means an exception. 
Using a colour palette centered on black, contrasted by autumnal red, orange and yellow hues; the collection takes inspiration from the element of fire in both print and pigment. The pieces demonstrated combine masculine outerwear, softened by feminine bralets and cropped hemlines; and heavily printed blazer and short duos, alongside leather and print bomber jacket and skirt combinations. The fabrics used comprised of leather, fur, silk and sheer organza. Accessories were presented in the form of masculine worker boots, chunky stone like necklaces; and the occasional fur clutch bag.

By Brooke McCord @BrookeMcCord
Images by Natalia Ilina

Monday, 25 March 2013


As part of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, TVORTZ showcased their latest work in the Fashion Scout Kiev Exhibition. Born in 2010, the young brand approaches fashion with experimentation and accentuation in mind. Having graduated with a degree in Interior Design, Dasha Gluhova is the creative force behind the brand in which her mastery of space and structure are clearly apparent. Using a cold, monochromatic colour palette, the TVORTZ aesthetic is one of texture and attention to detail that fuses femininity with ergonomics in the production of garments that evoke intelligence and hint romanticism.

By Joshua Walker @Josh_Walker_