Friday, 19 November 2010

‘Drawing Fashion’ at The Design Museum

Illustration is the oldest form of media used to communicate ideas of fashion to the world; a form that served a particular important purpose at the turn of the twentieth century. The cutting edge photographic covers of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Elle that we see on the news-stands today were once whimsical illustrative creations depicting the latest trends, designs and styles by world class couturiers. As with the introduction of any new technology, photography soon replaced illustration and its necessity to communicate fashion soon diminished. The art of drawing fashion is still taught and practised today but regrettably does not always receive the large recognition it deserves.

The recently opened ‘Drawing Fashion’ exhibition hosted by The Design Museum, London, presents for the very first time an extensive collection of fashion illustrations ranging from 1910 to present, through an array of framed art work as well as video show reels which demonstrates the creative process of producing a classic fashion drawing. The collection, which took over thirty years to gather and collate, includes over 150 master pieces by world renowned twentieth century artists including Lepape, Gruau and Antonio, as well as those who continue the craft today, such as Mats Gustafson and Francois Berthoud.

The exhibition launched two Wednesdays ago with appearances from fashion industry faces including Vogue's Ella Alexander, legendary fashion writer and curator of 'Drawing Fashion', Colin McDowell (who generously gave VFS Director, John Walford, a signed copy of the exhibition's book), as well as our very own VFS designers, Eudon Choi and David Longshaw. "It's a fantastic exhibition, beautiful curated in a great setting." David told us after attending the launch party. "Getting to see the originals, being able to properly study them and look at their techniques (after seeing them in old Vogues and fashion history books) is massively inspiring." And of course David's date for the night, Maude the Mouse, had a thing or two to say on the matter as well: 

"Where were the f**#ing illustrations of me!!! Other than that massive oversigh, it was a gorgeous exhibition of  iconic imagery. A must see for any one interested in fashion: From students to seasoned practitioners we can all learn something from this exhibition... The booze was good aswell (great work with the sponsorship) Doris was  pissed after two minutes of arrival!"
David Longshaw's Maude in the ‘Drawing Fashion’ exhibition

I've often thought that the drawing of fashion is both a skill and a talent that should never be forgotten or dismissed (although with the world's constant demand for a digital and technological lifestyle, it does certainly look like it can go that way...) Longshaw couldn't help but agree: "Fashion illustration is an art form often neglected by galleries and under appreciated by the art and design world; this exhibition shows how incredible an art form it can be..." However, as was its purpose in the early twentieth century and that used by the design houses of Poiret, Chanel and Dior, many designers of today still use the traditional technique, whilst some style publications have too in recent years begun to embrace the illustrative form once again. This is documented in the exhibition’s ‘Fashion Drawing For The Future’ section through a display of Gustafson’s work for Chinese Vogue’s May 2010 issue as well as an introduction to fashion illustration of the future…

Our very own fashion illustrator (and i-D's 'top ten illustrators of the future') Kelly Anna, and myself pose with our favourite fashion drawings...
The exhibition runs until 6th March 2011 at The Design Museum, London SE1 2YD. Please check their website for more details...

Sarah Barlow

Vogue lists BodyAmr's Celebrity Fans

We all know BodyAmr have a great celebrity following and thanks to we can now all keep up-to-date with who is wearing what. have just listed the 11 most recent celebrities to be adorned with BodyAmr luxe, including X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole. The man behind the label, Amr, told Vogue, "The phones were ringing off the hook with everyone wanting to know where they could buy it after Cheryl wore it," and of course it will soon be flying off the rails when it hits stores next season, the dress is just simply beautiful!

To check out the full list, please click here

Kenny Wang

David Longshaw is in Vogue

Another VFS designer has been discovered by Vogue Italia... David Longshaw is one of the best new telants that we scouted, and now we are getting Vogue Italia's seal of approval as well!

Please click here to read the full interview.

Kenny Wang

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Jessica Bumpus of Vogue talks Fashion Scout...

One of our favorite Fashion Journalists, Jessica Bumpus of was interviewed by Full Frontal In the interview she provided an insight into her started into the fashion industry, how she became the Fashion Features Editor of, her everyday tasks, and a proud Vauxhall Fashion Scout mention for her involvement in our Selection Panel...and yes, Jessica, we are very proud of having you here with us as well!

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, Jessica, for all of your support to us and all of our designers!

To read the full interview, please click here.

Kenny Wang

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Eudon Choi's bespoke piece for Vogue

Remember our post about Eudon Choi's bespoke gold jacket featured on Vogue December issue? Well today, provided the full story... 

"Vogue called me up and asked me to make one of the parkas from my autumn/winter 2010 collection in gold leather for a photoshoot with Lucinda Chambers and Mario Testino," Eudon said.

Eudon adapted his design to critical acclaim and was subsequently snapped by Browns Focus marking a brillant end to this success story.

It is a shame that we can't get it in time for Christmas, however  we will be able to find it in Browns Focus in January. Roll on next year!

Well done Eudon!

Kenny Wang

Jasper Garvida's SS11 Look Book

Jasper Garvida's SS11 Look Book gives us a lavender infused collection that tantalises the visual taste buds with variety of textures and embellishments. The dresses are teamed with formal cuts of shirt designs, blazers and jackets. The impression of every piece suggests pleasure and debauchery. Women wearing this collection are able to boast tailoring with couture; suits that are in actual fact a party dress. Each piece takes you on a journey, discovering new and unexpected segments possessing a different surface, pattern or ornamentation. There is a child like innocence to this party dress collection which reminds me of’ playing grown ups’. Each garment blossoms as strict tailoring is transformed into glamorous and theatrical detailing that reflects an oriental influence.

Charlotte Summers

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Say it with Flowers: SHOWstudio Review

Christian Dior Haute Couture Catwalk AW10 by Michael Howells
Flora Vanitas by Simon Costin
Hello Flowerhead by Andy Hillman
Rose by Nick Knight
O Pickle Jar by Jeffry Mitchell

As the Winter gloom deepens, summer seems like little more than a distant dream, a tantalising, lingering idea that there was a time when the sun shone and mornings were light. SHOWstudio’s new SHOP exhibition is the perfect antidote to seasonal blues, full of enough vibrant blooms to banish London’s (many) grey clouds. Entitled ‘Florist’, the small but perfectly formed exhibition explores the still life within the cheerful context of flora and fauna. As flowers bloomed across SS11 catwalks, it seems only fitting to celebrate and pay homage to the power of the ephemeral, the fleeting beauty of roses, peonies, orchids captured forever on canvas, screen or in print.

With SHOWstudio celebrating ten years of technological experimentation this year, Nick Knight has persuaded some very special guests – including Guy Bourdain, Gareth Pugh, Mary Temple and Solve Sundsbo – to take part in lavish birthday celebrations. The exhibits range from photographs to sculpture, canvases and (of course) film, and in a nod to the organic origins of the subject matter, the exhibition will grow and evolve as Winter progresses – works created through the now legendary LiveStudio are to be added, complemented with live performances from designers and creatives including Mary Katrantzou, Stephen Jones and Bishi.

As ‘Say it with flowers’ – the open brief given to collaborating artists – successfully reinvents the clich├ęd art of flower giving (it’s fair to say you won’t find any panic-buy petrol garage endeavours here) the role of the humble flower is reconsidered and revaluated - Michael Howell’s oversized sculpture – straight from the Dior haute couture catwalk – exemplifying the idea.

Florist is at SHOWstudio Shop until January 13 2011, 1-9 Bruton Place, Mayfair, London, W1J 6LT.

Vicki Loomes

Monday, 15 November 2010

Ralph Lauren 4-D Performance

On a chilly Wednesday in November at the junction of Old Bond Street and Burlington Gardens, intrigue and wonder built up when The Ralph Lauren building was turned into a six storey high, four dimensional cinema screen. By nightfall there was an eerie darkness as the street lamps and shop windows were turned off, and onlookers found a spot resting against bedazzled Cartier and Boodles windows.

The atmosphere was very like that anxious anticipation of a frosty New Year’s Eve before fireworks light up the sky. Ralph Lauren as such a prominent world renowned influence in the fashion industry had the crowd hopeful for a spectacular event.

RALPHLAUREN.COM was emblazed across the digital wall to highlight the intention of the occasion and a paranormal soundtrack was blasted. Fantasy masonry crumbled to the ground. Like an atomic bomb the windows detonated into a luminous glow. The heavenly building showed the silhouettes of 50ft models through the frames. These disappeared in an ‘Inception’-like cubist deconstruction of the walls to reveal a marble interior with columns and chandeliers lining a staircase. Luxurious designs on more giant models who marched towards the crowd and were showered in rose petals on departure. An oversized red crocodile skin handbag with gold plating spun in front of an enthusiastic crowd who let out cries of joy and appreciation: evidently a key staple for every Ralph Lauren fan this season. An emerald and gold belt followed this and fastened itself gracefully around the shop, then signature ties fit for Goliath hung from the roof, swinging in a breeze. The shop shook and shuddered before a Polo pony from Prince Charles’s team charged through smashing the stonework and continued on with an energetic match before Polo Ralph Lauren fragrance bottles took over the screen and detonated to shower the shop with scent. Spotlights shone over the wall providing glimpses into an elegant boutique and studio. Iconic Ralph Lauren images were framed and shot up into the skies. We were then greeted by Ralph himself, waving down to us from a glowing window.

The crowd came away with an eager desire to experience the new website after witnessing the technological display. The classical design and heritage of Ralph Lauren has been complemented by a digital revolution and confirms a forward-looking attitude for the traditional brand.

Charlotte Summers