Friday, 4 April 2014

FASHION SCOUT KIEV| Day Two Highlights AW14

On March 29th and March 30th Fashion Scout Kiev took place, showcasing the work of both innovative and exciting upcoming designers in the Ukraine. Now over for another season, we run through the selection of designers on the catwalk for Day Two. 

Katerina Kvit

For AW14, designer Katerina Kvit combined furs, cottons and silks to create an autumnal collection of garments. With a dark, rich colour palette, Kvit's pieces were as practical in their design as fashion-forward in their thinking. One of the last designers to showcase as a part of Fashion Scout Kiev, Kvit seems to have embedded herself firmly within the Ukrainian fashion scene. 

Kristina Mamedova

Having already showcased seven collection previously, Kristina Mamedova's work is no stranger to the catwalk. After graduating from studies in economics, she decided to return to her real passion in clothes design and creativity. For AW14 she walked a collection of simplistic but effective pieces with flashes of leather and collar detailing present throughout. 

Atelier Isa

Atelier Isa's AW14 collection, entitled Metamorphosis Coal, presented a dark collection of lace and velvet to introduce to the female form. Contrasting textures and taking inspiration from feminine undertones, Isa's designs were as wearable as they were a progression for the label.


D'Harmonique pride themselves on providing clients who perceive harmony in things intuitively and find interest in modern music, cinema and art with interesting clothing. Taking simple pieces and adding accessories, colourful graphics and cultural looking details, D'Harmonique's AW14 collection was one of seemingly organised diversity. 

Cathy Telle

Cathy Telle is a designer who strives to create collections of wedding dresses and evening wear. Taking delicate detailing and elegant sensibilities, she brought pieces that stayed true to her aesthetic to the catwalk in a collection with a fresh colour palette and feminine charm. 


With a brand ethos which revolves around craft and music, designer Ivan Sheldon brings the years he spent in the atelier of textiles and machinery to the catwalk for his AW14 collection. Presenting a simple collection of graphic lines and comfortable cuts, his passion for mathematics and architecture become quickly clear in a calculated and well designed offering of garments. 

Yulia JU

It's Julia Bialetska who is the creative mind behind Yulia JU's first collection on the Fashion Scout Kiev catwalk. Delivering a variety of garments entitled 'Industrial Princess', Bialetska wanted to minimise the complication from clothing in both its delivery and the way it's produced. With classic forms and modern materials, we look forward to seeing where this catwalk debut will next take Bialetska.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

FASHION SCOUT KIEV| Day One Highlights AW14

On March 29th and March 30th Fashion Scout Kiev took place, showcasing the work of both innovative and exciting upcoming designers in the Ukraine. From the architectural aesthetic of Alisa Kuzembaeva to the purity of Natali Dudka, we run through the designers that featured on the Fashion Scout Kiev catwalk on Day One. 

Natali Dudka

Natali Dudka was the first designer to grace the Fashion Scout Kiev catwalk with her work and did so with tailored purity. With white garments and defined cuts, architectural cuts seemed key in a collection that although strong and structured on the surface, seemed to also whisper innocent charm under its surface. 

Alisa Kuzembaeva

Building on the work she produced for her SS14 collection, architecture was again married with womenswear for Alisa Kuzembaeva's AW14 collection. Sticking again to a darker colour palette, graphic curves and dramatic face and neck pieces only cemented further the elements within her aesthetic she's become known for.


Masking and explorations of identity seemed a recurring theme on the Fashion Scout Kiev runway. Walking both men and womenswear pieces down the catwalk, textured fabrics and free-flowing silhouettes were all a part of Kass' AW14 offering. Autumnal in colour and with an element of minimalism, the masks added depth to a collection of simple garments and effortless wearability.


A designer known for the romanticism she introduces to her designs, Krasilnikova featured as a part of our AW14 Kiev Fashion Days at our Freemasons Hall in London this season. In a collection that featured laser-cut detailing as well as jumpers and faux-fur, she re-introduced her intricate pieces with the utilitarian ones to continued positive responses.

Taras Volyn

As a designer, Taras Volyn is dedicated to producing garments that don't attract attention but instead, emphasise the wearer's dignity. Taking traditional tailoring and wearable designs to the Fashion Scout Kiev catwalk, it seemed his AW14 well and truly did that. Winning the Design It competition, this collection was inspired by the art of jewellers which was only emphasised by his delivery of a precious stone colour palette. 


"People of the future, in my view, tend to be simple. Emphasised by unique, innovative accents," says Olya Stelmakhova on the theme for Ostel's AW14 collection. Pairing panelled detailing with more embellished elements, there seemed certainly seemed to be an undertone of tomorrow's world in experimental silhouetting and zip and buckle additions.

Be sure to check back to the blog Friday for a round-up of Day Two. 

By Josh Walker, Editor, (@josh_walker_).