Thursday, 12 July 2012

NEWS| David Longshaw's 'Olympic Strip' for Vogue Italia

You've "met" R├ędactrice, Maude of MAUDEzine, and her [partially-drunk] assistant, and if you've seen VFS designer, David Longshaw's recent collection, you've likely also "met" Lucia. One thing the [illustrated] ladies all have in common is that are all of his creation; all part of an illustrated world thought up to support, and feature in the ELLE launchpad winner's designs.
Now meet Francesca, and Arthur- two new characters created for Longshaw's comic-strip series for Vogue Italia. Strip one, titled 'The Olympic Strip' is up online now, but be sure to keep up to date with David on Twitter to find out when the next of his strips goes live- (and  to let him know what you think!).

Full-sized image, and dialogue on the site here.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

BEAUTY| Backstage hair with E.Tautz

Far be it for us to forget the boys, we took to the menswear archives from our last fashion week to give the guys a look-in- and [hopefully] a few ideas. "Beauty"'s not exclusive to those with a double-X chromosome, and we know someone's responsible for the missing hairdryer each morning, so here's a few images, (and a few more here) to find how to best utilise that [borrowed/ stolen] hairdryer, and recreate something a little more... E.Tautz.

Let us know how you get on via Twitter (@FashionScout), and see the rest of the Autumn/Winter collection here.

Images- Rowan Papier

NEWS| Pam Hogg part two is live on Hunger TV

Skip back to the beginning of May, here at VFS we gave you an exclusive insight into the Pam Hogg feature which was to be publish in the forthcoming issue of Hunger magazine. Following Issue 2, which was released May 10th (and is still available to purchase), part two of the Pam Hogg feature is now live on their website

Biannual mag The Hunger is Rankin's new-comer and fourth magazine in publication - this exclusive insight into the world of icon and VFS designer Pam Hogg is not to be missed. 

"Few designers embody the spirit of their creations quite like Pam Hogg. Where most brands concoct an enviable lifestyle to push their collections, the roots of Pam’s designs reach deeply into her own experience".

By Editor Cass Gowing, follow her on Twitter @CassGowing
Images from Hunger magazine

Monday, 9 July 2012

NEWS| Spotlight on Raffaele Ascione on My Fashion Life

As part of British based feature in the run up to the Olympics, VFS designer Raffaele Ascione has been featured on My Fashion Life
The online publication focuses on the London based designer as despite being German born, he manufactures all of his collections here in the UK. 

"As well as having two of the biggest popstars on the planet wearing his designs (click here to check out Mother Monster [Lady Gaga] showcasing his awesome theatrical cape), Raffaele Ascione has already staged several flawless fashion week shows, with his latest being at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week last season".

As posted on our blog last week, Raffaele is currently raising funding for his next collection. Click here to support the emerging designer. 

By Editor, Cass Gowing
Images from My Fashion Life

EXCLUSIVE| Georgia Hardinge's first Resort Collection

Vauxhall Fashion Scout former Merit Award winner Georgia Hardinge has created her first ever Resort Collection. Exquisitely cut with Georgia's trademark silhouettes and patterning,   Georgia felt that creating a resort collection was the next step in order to challenge herself. 

Editor Cass Gowing caught up with Georgia to chat about the new development for the designer.

Georgia - talk us through your first ever Resort collection:
As you can see the collection has a light feel. I made the print by placing paper over melted, coloured wax crayons and then scratching it off the paper once dry to create an image that I then manipulated. The shapes within the collection are rounded and constructed with minimal seams to produce bold silhouettes. 

The fabric that I used in some of the pieces is interesting; particularly a new technology fabric which is layered between chiffon and cotton (this is the grid fabric you see in the images and is sometimes used under carpets to stop them from slipping). I was drawn to this particular fabric because of its geometric form.

Such a detailed geometric form and patterning is definitely something that you are renowned for. What are you working on at the moment? 
Making costumes for Sarah Brighton and working on main collection!

Whet your appetite? Here's a snap of Sarah Brighton wearing GH whilst shooting her latest music video
By Cass Gowing, VFS Editor
Images from Georgia Hardinge's Resort collection lookbook
Credits: Photography: Niclas Heikkinen Designer: Georgia Hardinge Styling / Creative consultant: Aldene Johnson Model: Jenny Meister (Models 1) Hair: Carolina Crona Make up: Adam Baker Design Assistant: Sarah Gibson Studio Assistant: Erin Wilson Photography assistant: James Harrison