Saturday, 7 May 2011

Louise Hardcastle is featured by Marie Claire in their Talent Spot section.

Louis Hardcastle, young australian designer, who exhibited with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, is featured in Marie Claire in their Talent Spot section, June 2011 issue. On the article she is appointed as ones to follow emerging designer, as well is highlighted the direction her brand is taking, and she speaks about what inspired her SS 2011 collection.

A self-taught Fashion designer, applies her learned skills while being an Art Director and Graphic Designer to launch a label with an innovative objective: make a relaxed approach to modern Australia.

Her collections  portray  a style that can be defined as “easy luxe”, young, relaxed and exudes sophistication with a masculine edge. All this made out by replicating impeccable craftsmanship and british tailoring.

This season she will be launching her debut collection. She got inspired by the Quechua tribe in Peru, how they mix a vibrant palette and how they clash colours like red and fuchsia. And it is definitively innovative to see Quechua inspirations to build up a relaxed modern Australian look.

As well she confesses that she would love to see Diane Kruger or Carey Mullligan wearing Louis Hardcastle, as she likes and gets inspired by how they dress so simply but never wrong.

Her work is a colourful, relaxed and fresh wind that is on the "Talent spot", bringing a personal and innovative vision of sofistication. Enjoy her collection here.

Juan Mora Yanes.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Yusuke Maegawa featured in daily blog

Young Japanese designer, that exhibited with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, has been feature in Fashion 156, a magazine that aims to celebrate emerging talents. This time they got amazed by Yusuke Maegawa, who´s style is defined by the use of eclectic materials and his signature surface decoration. His main idea is to design and create real clothes.

The feature highlights how Yusuke constructs looks, as well as the importance of paying attention to detail, like the leather collars, or the pieces he designed that creates the illusion like a turtle shell cape.

Consider to be a deconstructionist, the silhouettes he creates are asymmetric using angular draping cuts, giving a new definition to Japanese deconstructionism.  This new way of constructing garments ensures a new point of view and innovative design of clothing, and promises different things to see, merging and mixing things that we might know, to create something new.

As result pieces to smile for, like Susan Walsh, the author of the feature, does.  Enhancing the playful attitude of the handbags that blends fur, plastic and other materials, that brings a colourful touch.

This interest on combining different materials and innovation spirit, plus the concept of searching for real clothes, turn this designer into someone worth to follow and see, for example, how others get amazed by his collections. To enjoy the feature click here.

Well done Yusuke!.

Juan Mora yanes
photos: Yusuke Maegawa

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mr. Lipop shortlisted for Fashion Finest Emerging Menswear Designer.

Not only one but two. Last post we featured Asger Juel Larsen nomination for Fashions Finest Emerging Menswear Designer 2011, today we are glad to announce that Mr. Lipop has also been nominated for the same prize! It seams that our guys are doing really well!

This nomination recognises Tom Lipop work and an unique and different vision of what men should wear. Mr Lipop´s signature style fuses beautiful illustration with experimental use of fabric and garment construction, being inspired by the historical lineage of British fashion.

This season, he showcased with Vauxhall Fashion Scout his A/W collection, which look book you can enjoy here.

Entitled “From London to Tokyo via the old crow runway” Mr Lipop designed baggy jerseys, luxurious fur trimmed hoods, drawstrings, rolled up trousers and chic yet rough leather rucksacks. Using uniform colours like beige, black, navy blue and red wine to create total looks or colour blocking mixes.  A minimal aesthetic and versatile collection, creating an elegant and urban uniform for today man. 

Mr. Lipop´s work has also called the attention of media and he has been featured in many different magazines that reviewed his collections or also got him to collaborate with them. Magazines like fashion 156 or featured in publication such as "this hearts on fire".

Since his graduation he has being growing up as designer and reinforcing his distinctive and innovative idea of menswear, this is the reason to be shortlisted as Fashions Finest Emerging Menswear Designer.

Chapeaux Mr. Lipop.

Juan Mora Yanes