Saturday, 4 December 2010

Andrew Logan Rejoice Exhibition Review

In a very expressive atmosphere, Flowers introduced the industry to a virtuoso in creative industry, Andrew Logan. Entitled ‘Rejoice’, the exhibition encompasses Logan’s latest creation of sculptures and jewelries, showcased in a subtle way. With enchanting and even glamorous vibe, Logan’s readily accessible yet replete with sophisticated references and open-ended interpretations art pieces are filled with astonishment and eccentricity, yet straightforward and indubitably interactive.

Logan’s interpretation of art is somehow stupendous and exciting to explore. He transforms, changes and marks the world around us, making it brighter, more accessible, and without no doubt, even more mind blowing. Strolling around the spacious yet rich exhibition, visitors will certainly be amused by Logan’s opulent works of art, which depict enigmatic beauty. He took the humblest, most unexpected materials and turns them into gold and other precious jewels, filled with splendor, extravagant, and glory.

As a proud recycler, Logan did not only use the found object, but also titivated, dressed up, and revolutionised them into a whole new genre of manmade constituents. Logan magically overhauled and amalgamated brittle materials such as glass, resin, glitter, Swarovski crystals, aluminum, metal, and fibre into easy flowing and riveting installations, which captured the eyes of art enthusiasts. From polychromatic Pegasus to whimsical mosaics, this first prominent London show of his for several years truly intended for those who believe in divine world of dream and love to have their imagination run unimpeded.

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Daud Gultom

Friday, 3 December 2010

Eudon Choi SS11 Look Book

Eudon Choi’s collection compliments a wide use of military pockets and masculine cuts making it perfect for a glamorous handy-woman. The uniform inspired silhouettes in materials fit for the armed forces are contrasted with female, wispy fabrics. Oversized male cuts are made feminine as they float and rest delicately on the models’ curves. Some garments highlight the breasts through sheer material cut in a boxed silhouette rather than a body conscious form. I am reminded of medical uniforms and the deconstruction of men’s work clothes. Pockets are a key feature of this collection with pieces made to look like them even if they are not utilized. It consists of clean lines and impeccable tailoring made up of canvas and mesh in neutral tones. The models have fresh simple hair and make up. The collection works well for a professional woman looking for some alternative lines that highlight erogenous zones as well as being appropriately uniform. I think there are many investment pieces, mostly utilitarian wear put together from a assortment of fabrics, which can be worn over many seasons and brought out again and again. Eudon Choi has created a sensitive and beautiful collection with a stimulating referencing to military attire and feminine power.

Charlotte Summer

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hermione de Paula SS11 Look Book

Nature has always been a guiding light for every artist in executing stunning look. Hermione de Paula latest collection takes the beauty of flowers to a high fashion level with hand painted floral prints in soft muted hues. The whole collection portrays the romanticism and alluring sense of Goddess of the season, Flora, with slim fit silhouette that accentuate feminism. Visually, the collection highlights the beguiling language of flowers and interprets it into exquisite ranges of apparels. Despite the monochromatic colors she uses among the pieces, de Paula managed to embody youthfulness in the cutting and silhouette in each and every piece of her collection. Natural and sleek look is guaranteed in every woman who dressed in the pieces hand in hand with enticing aura and visionary vibe.

Daud Gultom

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Georgia Hardinge talks about her Victoria's Secret Experience on

Georgia Hardinge has spilled the beans about her design experience with Victoria's Secret on today. We are very excited to hear the details of Georgia's involvement with Victoria's Secret and her work in the Big Apple. In the interview, Georgia mentions a very exciting new project she is beginning to work on and we can't wait to hear more!  

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Kenny Wang

Eudon Choi on Style Bubble

Susie at Style Bubble went behind the scenes at Eudon Choi HQ and uncovered his SS11 sketchbook, unearthing his inspiration and design development in the find out more, please visit here!

Kenny Wang

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Harrods Christmas Window Review

In my mind Harrods far surpasses every Christmas window in London this year after blowing me away with its magical Peter Pan tribute. They celebrate the birth of J.M. Barrie; the creator of the enchanting tale, who was born 150 years ago.

The tale is told through a stunning collection of scenes full of glistening Fairies and frolicking Lost Boys. Each frame has a delicious assortment of goodies nestled in a captivating forest teeming with shimmering foliage. Each mannequin has been painstakingly considered with dazzling garments, scintillating make up and dramatic hairstyles. Some Tinkerbells are suspended in the air flying above the idyllic children’s playground. An all-encompassing sense of luxury and extravagance is projected onto Brompton Road, stimulating the celebratory senses. Each ensemble is an inspiration for the many outfits needed for 2010’s merry party season. If it wasn’t for the bitter temperatures this winter I could stand mesmerized for hours at this dazzling performance. I would like to step into the window and snuggle up next to Wendy and Peter in their magical world and be showered in glitter and sumptuous gifts.

The glorious combination of lighting, clothing, music, video, makeup, and storytelling produce an incredibly festive atmosphere temping you to rush inside and fill bag upon bag with Christmas goodies. There is even a Peter Pan themed collection available to buy in store with Christmas decorations and gifts on offer.

Charlotte Summers