Friday, 11 May 2012

COLLECTIONS| Heohwan Simulation release AW12 lookbook images

Vauxhall Fashion Scout "Ones-to-Watch", Heohwan Simulation have recently released images from their Autumn/Winter lookbook, featuring several pieces handpicked by Vogue Italia's Sara Maino in our Paris exhibition space earlier this year. Korean-born Hwan Heo's severe cuts, exposed leather details, and quilted silk-panels also caught the attention of British Vogue's Jessica Bumpus, who claimed Heo's "strong" aesthetic was what placed the label among her Fashion Week favourites.

The remaining lookbook images can be found here, on the Heohwan Simulation Facebook. For footage from the "Ones-to-Watch" show, click here

NEWS| "One to Watch" Myrza de Muynck appearing on BBC's "One Show"

"One to Watch" Myrza de Muynck will be appearing on BBC's The One Show this evening to talk her interpretation of the eighties wardrobe staple: the shell-suit. Worn by British subcultures from all walks of life, the nylon two-piece was seen on everyone from sportsmen of note, to early-nineties hip-hop groups. Chances are that memories of sporting the ubiquitous get-up will incite a long groan, and a "did I really do that?"- which is part and parcel of why the Central Saint Martin grad- and VOGUE fashion week fave- will be featured in tonight's show. Vauxhall Fashion Scout is about sourcing innovative, emerging talent; and being able to reinterpret a piece remembered with disdain into something decidedly feminine, and luxe is evidence enough of why we proclaimed Myrza "One to Watch."

Watch tonight on BBC One from 7pm.
Sara McAlpine (@sara_mcalpine)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

NEWS| Fashion Fringe names semi-finalists

Yesterday saw the announcement of the 2012 Fashion Fringe semi-finalists; one of which was Vauxhall Fashion Scout's own, Raffaele Ascione. Shortlisted by chairman- and creative director at Burberry- Christopher Bailey, Ascione, and his fellow semi-finalists are competing for the chance to showcase their respective collections during next season's London Fashion Week. 

We spoke to Raffaele following the news, and here's what he had to say about the achievement:

"I'm really excited- chuffed- to have been hand picked by Christopher Bailey, as I like his work. myself.
I am working on one outfit for the interview, so will be focusing on that, and making sure its going to look absolutely amazing!"

... & no doubt it will.

Click here for details of the selection process, and the nine other semi-finalists named.

NEWS| Georgia Hardinge's Jubilee collaboration with Lancôme

Yesterday, Georgia Hardinge proudly announced the news on her Facebook page that she has collaborated with Lancôme to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The VFS designer proves herself unstoppable by producing limited edition designs for Lancôme's Visionnaire 50ml and Génifique 75ml bottles. Georgia will hand-paint the specially designed crown and spector on each individual bottle (!) whilst the unique designer boxes will feature her illustration of a patriotic item (four in total to collect )

A must to celebrate the Jubilee - they are available at Selfridges from May 31st. As part of their Big British Bang event you can watch Georgia hand-paint the designs and even request for it to be personalised (taking place on May 31st and June 7th). Read more about the Selfridges event here

By Cass Gowing, Editor
T: @CassGowing
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Cass Gowing, Editor. Images from our Facebook page.

NEWS| MASC named as one of CFE's new pioneer designers

Vauxhall Fashion Scout are thrilled that MASC has been named as one of the new designers for their Pioneer programme. The initiative begins in June and runs for six months, with each mentoring programme tailored specifically for each designer. Joining MASC as new Pioneer designers are Corrie Nielsen, Fanni Schiavoni, Marques Almeida and Teatum Jones. Whilst previous Pioneers include VFS's Elisa Palomino, Georgia Hardinge and Peter Pilotto.

VFS caught up with Duncan from MASC, 
"We are very proud to be one of only five women's wear labels successfully selected by the Centre For Fashion Enterprise to join their exclusive Pioneer ProgrammeWe are thoroughly looking forward to the no-nonsense face-to-face diagnostic sessions with the lovely ladies from the CFE and it will be an honour to join the impressive portfolio of brands who have progressed through the programme". 

Duncan added, "Thank you to the CFE, Vauxhall Fashion Scout and all those who support us in our mission to build a MASC army. To see how we get on please sign up to our social media & newsletter through for regular updates". 

We can't wait to follow MASC's progress under the initiative! Don't forget to follow @FashionScout for constant updates on all of our designers. 

Cass Gowing, Editor, 
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Images from MASC's AW12 Lookbook

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

DESIGNER EXCLUSIVE| Eleanor Amoroso talks to VFS

This week's designer exclusive is with VFS's Eleanor Amoroso. This exciting, emerging designer launched her label last year and showcased her AW12 collection during Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Exhibition at Freemason's Hall. We caught up with her to see what she's been up to since February.

Eleanor, first of all congratulations concerning the reception that you received following your exhibition showcase at Vauxhall Fashion Scout! What was the best thing about the experience?
Showcasing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout was a great experience. Meeting face to face with buyers and press is an excellent opportunity to get feedback and peoples’ reaction to my work. I met people like stylists and buyers I have already worked with and also lots of new contacts and had look book requests from Vogue, Schon and bot UK and international shops.

What have you been up to since February?
I have been busy making jewellery pieces for an order for Sister in Tokyo and following up press requests from fashion week. I am also working on a website relaunch involving rebranding and new images. I am currently organising photo shoots for this and working on creating a short film to coincide with the launch. I have also finally joined Twitter! @eleanoramoroso

Your collections are well known for being completely made from hand; on average how long does it take to make a piece?
It’s difficult to say as I tend to work on several pieces at a time. The garments tend to be made up of smaller sections, which are then hand-sewn together. I spend months developing each collection but once I have made the pieces, it is usually much quicker to remake them the second time round. I am also a lot faster at knotting now than when I first began! A piece from my graduate collection that is knotted from the shoulder down to the floor (and entirely held together with knots and no hand sewing) took me over a month to make! It felt like it would never be finished!

Wow! What keeps you motivated during such a detailed process?
Although the pieces take a long time, I find them really enjoyable to make! I find the technique so inspiring and get most of my ideas while I am working. I often have to stop and sketch as I think of new ideas and pieces often begin as one thing and end up being something very different. The way that the different knots work together creating different textures and patterns keeps me motivated. I find it really exciting and love to play around with this and hours literally fly by without me noticing!

Talk us through your studio space
I am currently in the process of moving and looking for a studio space, but up until now I have worked out of my bedroom - and sometimes my kitchen and garden! I am lucky to also have a spare room to work in sometimes so I have been able to have interns come and help. It can definitely be quite difficult making these kind of pieces without much space so I hope to find a bigger space to work in.

What can you exclusively tell us about your SS13 collection?
I am working on developing my techniques to create more wearable pieces as well as intricate showpieces, but without losing their handmade charm. I am experimenting with incorporating new fabrics too and continuing to make jewellery pieces alongside the clothing.

Sounds very exciting. Finally, what’s planned for you over the next few months?
Over the next few months I will be looking into moving into a studio space, continuing with the website development and of course designing and making my SS13 collection. September will be here in no time!

Make sure you keep up to date with Eleanor's antics via her website, her Twitter or Facebook page.

Interview and text by Editor Cass Gowing, Images taken by Eleanor Amoroso

NEWS| Georgia Hardinge creates bespoke dress for Ren Harvieu's BBC appearance

VFS designer and former Merit Award winner Georgia Hardinge designed the bespoke dress worn by Ren Harvieu for her 'Later Live - With Jools Holland' appearance last night on BBC2.
The dress features the cobalt blue and burnt orange print (created using her signature resin cast method) that was first displayed in her AW12 collection, showcased at VFS's Freemason's Hall in February. 

VFS chatted to Georgia about how designing a bespoke dress for emerging singer Ren Harvieu occured, "Ren and her stylist Amanda asked me to come and watch her sing at her headline gig in London and I thought 'why not dress her for that!'. We got on so well and I just loved her style so we decided we had to work together on something special. She is a very talented girl."  

By Cass Gowing, Editor,
Images from Georgia Hardigne

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

NEWS| Henry Holland spotted in Joseph Turvey

The last week has been very busy for Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Joseph Turvey. Not only was he interviewed by VFS following his return from Shanghai Fashion Week, but a couple of celebs have been spotted wearing his label. 

First of all, designer/DJ/VFS fan Henry Holland was featured in an editorial spread for XOXO The Mag wearing Mr Turvey's Navy Lace Jacket and Shirt. HH was then spotted - by none other than Vogue Italia -  at Snowdon Blue's launch by Acne Studios wearing another Joseph Turvey number. 

Eponymous singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf, on his world tour, decided to join Henry by donning Joseph Turvey's lace shirt but this time it was teamed with Joseph Turvey's lace shorts. 

Relive the looks on the VFS catwalk with our exclusive video. 

Tweet VFS @FashionScout if you spot any of our other designers being worn by famous faces.

By Cass Gowing, Editor. 
Images from XOXO The Mag and Vogue Italia 

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW| Winner of 'Chloé Design Prize' Steven Tai

Back in February, for the first time, Fashion Scout selected eleven graduates from across the UK to show as part of our Graduate Showcase during Fashion Week. Recently, one of the selected designers, Steven Tai was awarded Chloe's inaugural design-prize at the 2012 Hyères festival. Now a Royal College of Art graduate, and Stella McCartney intern, the young designer's recent successes, and mentions in Vogue are fast-upping his exposure, making him one to keep an eye on. We caught up with Steven following his win, and spoke bespectacled, brace-wearing "nerds", and where he's headed next.

VFS: Congratulations Steven- what are your plans moving forward; any time aside to celebrate, or are you thinking future collections, and where to go next?
Steven: Thank you.  Actually the day after I arrived back to London, I was already back at my internship at Stella McCartney.  It's a bizarre experience to be in the South of France one day for three shows, then at a design office in London the next.  

VFS: How important do you feel the support of awarding-bodies, and design platforms (such as Vauxhall Fashion Scout) are to the initial stages of a design career? 
ST: Very important.  The biggest challenge I find for a new designer is to have supportive platforms to show to an interested audience.  Bodies such as VFS help link the creation to the market.  I am also extremely grateful for these forms of exposure because it drives me and my work. 

VFS: You've said your work's inspired by the "nerd", and their accompanying love of books; can we attribute your accomplishments to a shared work-ethic... or are you just looking out for the book-loving underdogs by celebrating them through your work?
ST: I think it's a little bit of both.  I am quite a workaholic, and I think that stems from the nerdy/ studious side of me; and being a proud nerd with nerdy friends, I wanted to celebrate this wonderful character. 

VFS: ... So, is the "nerd" aesthetic something that might extend to the "Tai" wearer- in terms of the qualities they embody- is this who you imagine in your pieces?
ST: I think the styling helps amplify the concept, and the idea... but the clothing is still somewhat subtle, and I think my women understand the concept and relate to it intellectually.  It is a personal relationship between the wearer, and the clothes.  What the woman might look like might matter less than how she thinks on the inside. 

VFS: Is there a chance next season that we'll be seeing your inspiration step off-campus, and into - say - the corporate world? Or can we expect you to go in a different direction entirely?
ST: Good question!  I am solidifying the balance I want to strike right now, and its a little hard to say exactly how it will be.  I think it will be different... but still nerdy in my ways. 

Interviewed by Sara McAlpine, VFS Sub-Editor
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