Friday, 13 January 2012

VFS designers at Bright Young Things

Bright Young Things - Selfridges

The title ‘Bright Young Thing’ tends to connote images of 1920s socialites, from the Dandies to the Flappers; all of whom broke the boundaries and societal expectations of their era.  Therefore, in a homage-like reference to the youthful icons of by-gone eras,   Selfridges unveiled its 2012 ‘Bright Young Things’ window display: a prestigious opportunity for the rising stars of design to showcase their creations.  Here are a few of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout familiar faces...

Alice Lee

One of four winners of our Ones-To-Watch Spring/Summer ’12 award, the duo behind Alice Lee are firm favorites of Vauxhall Fashion Scout.  By combining embellishment with a monochromatic base, they have created a luxurious yet edgy simplicity, which accentuates the figure beneath.  Silhouettes are structured, yet avoid  a harsh unwearability, and the amalgamation of hard and soft textures enhances the juxtaposed beauty of the collection.

T Lipop

Tom Lipop is no stranger to Vauxhall Fashion Scout, having showed their latest incredible collection in the Ones-To-Watch MEN show at London Fashion Week in 2011.  The clean purity of each garment pierces through the barricade of identical masculine fashion.  Breaking the typical conventions of mainstream male attire, we are thrilled to see the brand’s stunning minimalist aesthetic be appreciated by such a prestigious outlet.


Born from the idea of equipping the human form with an armoured elegance and chic minimalism. Masc collections translate notions of concealment, Japanese simplicity and body geometry into draped and structured silhouettes

After two seasons with Hannah Marshall the couple launched their debut MASC collection, achieving unprecedented success with a sophisticated and striking  range. Entitled 'Carry My B-52' their SS12 collection was inspired by aircraft wings, translated into a signature wing-shape pleating & innovate angular pattern cutting across luxurious moss crepe, lightweight silk and supple lamb nappa.

Oliver Ruuger

Taking inspiration from experimentation with technique and form, his design signature is defined by an equal relationship between visual appeal and function integrity. The use of exquisite natural materials coupled with a high level of multidisciplinary craftsmanship results in desirable and visually striking luxury products which can be presented as objects of contemplation.
Adam Andrascik

With a modern and innovative style, the Adam Andrascik brand demonstrates a celebration of simplicity and clarity in their collection, creating opportunity for experimental cuts in each beautiful finished garment.  The androgynous tones are complimented by an obvious appreciation of the female figure; demonstrated by the subtle contours around the waist.  Featured in a Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition in 2011, it is warming to see this beautiful brand showcased elsewhere for all to see.

As just a taste of the beautiful window displays on offer, we suggest you take a quick trip to Selfridges to appreciate them, and the work of some inspiring new talent, for yourself.  Keep a weather-eye on the fashion horizon; these Bright Young Things are certainly rising to stardom.

Abigail Gurney-Read