Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Contour 2011, the sexy side of Graduate Fashion Week

What an exciting week it has been! On Monday night, De Montfort University marked the close of Graduate Fashion Week, and what a night it was...

De Montfort University presented Contour 2011, their lingerie and body-wear Graduate Show, which has gained international recognition as one of the longest-running, unique courses for lingerie, body-wear and sportswear in the UK.

The result? A stunning show where innovation was applied to underwear. Some of the students reinterpreted the classic pieces, adding floral prints or modernistic inspiration with ultra-sexy and feminine figures aimed to empower women. Some played with new creative constructions such as corsets outlined with LED lights that outline the figure, camping inspired pieces adding a sporty touch to the body and jockey inspired creations ready for the race. 

New shapes were introduced coupled with new construction techniques like laser cut fabrics to create a sumptuous second skin or classic materials reconstructed to create new materials,  like lace printed silicon. 

Numerous sponsors from the lingerie industry where there to support the new young talent and to hunt for the future of lingerie design. The Vauxhall Fashion Scout team were on hand to manage and produce the event, and are proud supporters of graduate design talent.