Wednesday, 30 May 2012

NEWS| Florence Welch wears Inbar Spector in latest video

It's unsurprising that the most theatrical of songstresses turn to Inbar Spector for their stage-wears, given the standalone presence of Spector's cascading tulle pieces. We'd encourage you to gaze out of the office window to imagine the powerhouse couple that is a best-selling female artist, and an Inbar dress, but the above video does the job of marrying the two images for you. 
Seen rehearsing, and in action for latest single, "Spectrum", Florence and the Machine front-woman, Florence Welch wore pieces straight out of the show at Freemasons, selected by stylist Aldene Johnson. You can see how famed photographer/ director, David Lachapelle instructed Welch to move in the dress by clicking "play" above, and also check out our "behind-the-scenes" Spector shots here.