Monday, 2 July 2012

NEWS| Eleanor Amoroso in Volt, Black Suede & Used mag

Eleanor Amoroso’s incredible talent continues to shine, and has been picked up in recent press from various publications. Everyone is taken with the young designer’s skill in creating beautiful woven shapes, and her bold designs are featured in editorials by Volt, Black Suede and Used Magazine
Dark and mysterious, or cool and contemporary, the designs possess a type of versatility that is brought to life in these recent editorials. Eleanor Amoroso has also earned a fan in young new musician Purple Ferdinand, who wore a gorgeously crafted black woven piece in her music video titled “Beautiful Anomaly”
Blowing up everywhere, Eleanor has also been featured in Vision China Magazine recently showing her true potential to be one of London’s biggest names.

Vanessa Omoregie (VFS Contributor)