Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fashion Scout Presents : Graduate Showcase

For the past five years Fashion Scout has been supporting and nurturing fashion graduates, giving emerging talents a unique Fashion-Week platform. The exposure has proved to be invaluable to the graduates and industry professionals alike, this showcase is not one to miss. 

Melissa Villevielle | Edinburgh College of Art

 A master in textiles, Melissa’s work explores exquisite beading and embroidery. The details in the dramatic collection are worth getting up close to. Melissa's work was also featured at Graduate Fashion Week.

Milena Konakchieva | Westminster University

Inspired by carpentry, the collection incorporates a wooden aesthetic. Using upholstery-style and bonded fabric, Milena explained that she found it difficult to ‘make the textiles behave’. Her persistence has paid off, as she debuts this unique graduate collection.

Chou Yun Ting | Shih Chien University

Using thick foam-like fabrics, Chou Yun Ting's collection is evocative of extreme sportswear. Muted neon-pinks aided the subtlety of the pop-art influence, which could be spotted in the graphic badges.

Marc Morris Moc | London College of Fashion

Marc’s artistic vision draws on a multitude of influences. The minimalistic colour palette and block style is borrowed from Rothko and the square structure invokes Cubism. Marc Morri Moc bonds his own fabrics and manipulates them into a unique style.

Sebastian Freeburn | Central Saint Martins

Whilst working at The Royal Opera House, Sebastian felt inspired by the costumes that surrounded him. The dramatic collection of silky, flowing garments, took influence from the renaissance era. 

Le Petite Fleur | London College of Fashion

A final year project brought together five designers from a variety of fields. With lingerie, embroidery and womenswear specialists, the collective aim to present femininity in the extreme. Intricate floral embroidery and ghostly mesh silhouettes, the combination of diverse talent is impressive. 

Kate Cockburn | Edinburgh College of Art

Kate describes her collection as ‘Space Tourism’. Initially researching solipsism in astronauts and the effects of space travel on the mind, also incorporating some ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ floral shirt chic. Her influences make for an intriguing process and fantastic end result. 

Hannah Williams | Royal College of Art

Hannah’s striking collection shows mastery of technique. The manipulated latex is styled as if melted, dripping down to the puddle that surrounds the matching heels. Hannah William's collection blurs the line between art and fashion more than most.

Han Kim | Central Saint Martens

An eclectic mix of sequins and knitwear and colour, this creative collection is the definition of fun. Warm toned stitching, oversized sleeves and black lace headpieces make for a show-stopping exhibition. 

Hannah Wallace | Manchester School of Art

Graduate Fashion Week’s Gold Award Winner has brought her winning collection to the Fashion Scout exhibition. Inspired by space, riots and urban street-wear, Hannah’s garments are instantly recognisable. With the oversized metallic bomber jacket standing pride of place, Hannah explains that over 400 eyelets were hand pressed, by her, in to her designs one by one. 

The event ended with a drinks reception, where friends, family and the fashion-forward were invited to join and celebrate this generation’s fashion innovation. While speaking with the graduates, it becomes evident that after years of hard work and challenges, this is only the beginning of their undobuted careers.

Fashion Scout for London Fashion week runs from 18th - 22nd September 2015 at the Freemasons' Hall, WC2B 5AZ.

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Words by Alexandra Craft (@alexandrasaidso)
Images by Stefania Porcu (@stefaniaporcuphoto)
Editor: Fiona Nicholls