Tuesday, 12 January 2016

FAD Finalists to show at Fashion Scout AW16

During AW16, Fashion Scout are pleased to be hosting the 2016 FAD Competition. The 17 finalists, whose impressive entries are shown below will each showcase two looks on the Fashion Scout catwalk. 

Bath Spa University
"Inspired by photographs I took of everyday corners of San Francisco. When zooming in on textures and cropping into views that I passed in the street, I discovered that an image of something considered un-interesting and ordinary could be turned into a wearable piece of the city."
1. 2016FADComp_AliceBayliss_Bath-Spa-University.jpg
University of Central Lancashire
"For this collection, I slow down to take inspiration from my favourite books. A collection of books written from members of ‘The Beat Generation’."
2. 2016FADComp_HannahBascombe_UCLAN.jpg
UCA Epsom
The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift. "Drawing on the nature of my beloved Buckinghamshire landscape. Rambling the hills, touching the trees and breathing the clean air of Ballinger Grange. Looking into the history of crafts in my local village and discovering the ‘back-to-the-land movement’ of 1920's Kibbo Kift."
4. 2016FADComp_MaryMaggs_MMU.jpg
Manchester School of Art
"I am in Ningbo, Eastern China, standing in the middle of one of the country’s many abandoned buildings. The cracked paint and walls carpeted in undergrowth are imposing and leave a lasting impression on me."
5. 2016FADComp_LaurenGlen_MSchA.jpg
DeMontfort University
"Looking at my sense of place; my studio at university. Observing and being inspired by the technical elements happening around me day-to-day, the deconstruction and construction of garments in the studio. Challenging knitwear’s sense of place. Re-creating traditional tailoring garments and herringbone fabrics in knit."
6. 2016FADComp_DanielleONeaill_DMU.jpg
Kingston University
"We can all miss the beauty around us, but for those who are visually impaired this is even more so. Murky colours bleed together through light entering my eye. This draws me to the moving and intense light in ripples and reflections, in water or caught by the glass of my magnifier. To capture and communicate the barrier of the blur that separates me from detail."
7. 2016FADComp_Bianca von Stempel_Kingston.jpg
Sheffield Hallam University
"I share my vision of the city around me. Without the aid of contacts or glasses, I reveal the beauty and purity of my blurred vision. Neon lights and static skyscrapers are seen as sparkling stars and spectacular fireworks of silver and gold. A new appreciation for the imperfect."
8. 2016FADComp_MarikaFujita_Sheffield Hallam.jpg
Norwich University of the Arts
"To get a sense of place you need to remember your own roots, and realise we all live within our own realities. The contrast between my reality and society is my social anxiety."
9. 2016FADComp_AlicePotts_NSA.jpg
The Glasgow School of Art
"A journey through the urban environment I live in. Everyday men on the streets influence the silhouettes. I found style lines in the most insignificant and over looked details such as drain pipes, maps, overlapping buildings and the influence of artists such as Charles Sheeler."
10. 2016FADComp_HannahXinyanTan_Glasgow.jpg
Arts University Bournemouth
"Reflecting on my childhood growing up by the sea and collecting fossils with my Dad. Looking closely at the layers and patterns of shell formations."
11. 2016FADComp_BeatriceJackson_AUB.jpg
University of West England
Being in a boat…there is more to it than most people are aware. "As a competitive sailor I have sailed, watched sailing, been watched while sailing, analyzed boats and their components in great detail."
Nottingham Trent University
The Rear Window. "It is out the rear window where three lines are strung about a post. The Morning awakens to a basket, brought out to the line full with laundry."
12. 2016FADComp_CharlotteRollings_NTU.jpg
Manchester Metropolitan University
Fishing in the city. "Clocked off at high tide. Swells were pushing Old Queeny hard today; these overalls don't keep me dry for long. The smell of salt water lingers, its like the smell seeps out of my rucksack on my walk home from the docks. I sometimes feel like I'm caught in a net, struggling my way through the harsh lines of the city buildings while I walk under the neon lights."

13. 2016FADComp_EleanorRickers_MMU.jpg
Nottingham Trent University
Once you have past that Fernwood Gate. "I found my inspiration from spending three months at Camp Fernwood, located in East America. Life was stripped back to basics, no technology and no electricity. Fernwood represents simple living and the enjoyment and beauty of natural surroundings."
14. 2016FADComp_ChloeJackson_NTU.jpg
University of Middlesex
"During a summer spent working in retail on Carnaby street in Central London, my main encounter was with hordes and hordes of tourists and tour guide groups. Observing their behavior, clothing and spending rituals, I became fascinated with their perception of London. I think it’s ironic, that all over the world the only reminder visitors have of a prestigious monument, historic figure or significant location is often a cheap re-appropriated plastic souvenir."
16. 2016FADComp_EmilyWitham.jpg
London College of Fashion
"Monday 9.11.2015, 8am, Overground from Highbury and Islington to Hoxton: 90% of the passengers are busy staring at their phones, liking this celebrity's new hairstyle, tweeting that the train is 1 minute late, or splashing balls in this cool IPhone game...My project 'Communis' (latin for sharing) is inspired by a return to face-to-face, non-digital communication between people."
17. 2016FADComp_AndreasBucher_LCF.jpg
UCA Rochester
No Swim. "On my walk I notice a whole range of washed up treasures floating alongside the bank. So many unloved objects drift by daily. These mundane, lost objects are just disregarded and thrown away. With my entry I want to unearth the beauty in the most abstract of things."
18. 2016FADComp_CharlotteGoodayle_UCA Rochester.jpg

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