Friday, 17 February 2012

BACKSTAGE| Merit Award Winner Phoebe English

Following our Merit Award Winner - Phoebe English’s - show, Vauxhall Fashion Scout caught up with Kate Nash and Rebekah Roy to find out what they thought about the collection, and the day so far.  
VFS: What did you think about Phoebe’s show? 
Kate Nash: It was my first time of seeing Phoebe’s show. I loved it, I thought it was really, really amazing.
Rebekah Roy: I really loved Phoebe’s show. I mean, the knitwear and everything that she’s done before, into what she was doing with the rubber; it was just so beautiful.  It’s so recognisable as her, even as such a new young designer.  Her handprint is on everything it’s just fantastic. We’ve been waiting for somebody like this; a lovely, fresh, new, British designer.  She ticks a lot of the boxes, i’m so excited for her.  
VFS: How about Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Ones To Watch show? 
RR: Well I styled the Ones To Watch show, so i’ve been with them from the beginning.  I was so proud of them, I felt like a mother-hen! It’s four designers backstage, each with 14 pieces; each of them had to edit their collection down but they were still so distinct.  It’s a really interesting part of the season where you have soft colours, and this eco-luxe feel; everybody was really unique.  But they’re not only just talented people, they’re really lovely designers - so sweet, and so charming to work with. Vauxhall Fashion Scout made great choices this season. 
KN: My favourite was the last designer, Nova Chiu.  There were so many colours, and textures, and things to look at. It was just really, really fun; I wanted to just touch everything!
VFS:  Thank you so much! Enjoy the rest of Fashion Week! 
Abigail Gurney-Read, Vauxhall Fashion Scout Contributor 
Photography by Rowan Papier