Friday, 17 February 2012


Norwegian born, Fam Irvoll took to the Fashion Scout show-space this afternoon for her first London Fashon Week showing. Maintaining her signature style of referencing popular, cartoon-figures and translating their 2-Dimensional world into 3D, knitted pieces, Irvoll invited the audience into her fictional world with a collection both bold, and inherently feminine- making for a “ghoulishly” girly, monster-inspired collection.
By opening the show with “lightning” flashes, intermitedly revealing the threatening expression and accompanying moves of Irvoll’s first model- all to the tune of Ray Parker Junior’s “Ghostbuster” theme- the Central Saint Martins graduate immediately set the tone for a show that would be light-hearted with its monstrous theme. Like their cartoon counterparts, Irvoll’s palette was of Scooby-Doo greens and purples, punctuated with bold, black outlines, making colour-blocking a recurrent theme through the show. Whilst all physical elements of the show were loud in both antics and volume, there was an innocent femininity in the soft, sorbet, layered tulle seen on skipping models nearer the end of the collection.
The fun-filled, frolics of Irvoll’s animated models was reinforced with her introduction of childrenswear- sported by giggling, whispering girls-, prompting smiles from even the most stoney-faced of spectators. It’s unsurprising that the graphic-dinosaur print seen on the little girls’ “onesies” worked both on classicly-cut, collared shirts, and the bedroom attire of the fun-loving, innocents of a younger age. If London Fashion Week serves as a celebration of talent- both old and new- Fam Irvoll’s collection served up the perfect start, setting the tone for the coming week’s emerging, and established talent. More reason to stick with Fashion Scout for the week ahead.

Review & Images by Sara McAlpine VFS Contributor
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