Thursday, 23 February 2012

NEWS| VOGUE's Jessica Bumpus on Vauxhall Fashion Scout

That's it for another season from Vauxhall Fashion Scout, but we're headed to Paris with our Exhibition designers, where we'll also be interviewing them about their Autumn/Winter collections, and digging deeper for the lowdown on the "Fashion Week experience". Until then, we'll leave you with some parting comments from's Fashion Features Editor, Jessica Bumpus.

"I think [Vauxhall Fashion Scout] are brilliant. When you go to London Fashion Week here, it goes back to what being a designer's all about; there's something really fun and exciting about being here. All the designers are at the beginning of their careers, and you can see their hunger- and their passion- and you see a lot of great ideas.

This season, I really liked Myrza de Muynck- she's fantastic; there's something both cute, and cool about her work. I also really liked Heohwan Simulation, because their designs are so severely cut, and generally really strong... Today, I loved Joseph Turvey- his work's got a really good commercial feel, but a point of difference. Menswear is really hard to get the balance between something that's both creative, and wearable, and I really think his collection ticked all the boxes."

Jessica Bumpus, Fashion Features Editor at

Interviewed by Sara McAlpine VFS Sub-Editor (@sara_mcalpine)
Image by Raul Rosillo