Tuesday, 16 September 2014

BACKSTAGE| Isabel Garcia SS15

In preparation for the Isabel Garcia show this afternoon, The Body Shop team worked diligently to create the perfect look for make-up and nails to pair with the designer’s collection, which was soon to hit the catwalk.

With less than an hour to go, both Sandra Cooke - head make-up artist at the show, and Naomi Gonzalez-Longstaff in charge of the Nails, gave us an insight into the products used for the Garcia show and their intended effect.

Head make-up artist Cooke revealed that the look would be pared back and with a focus on healthy glowing skin and a daring, matte lip. "They wanted something quite simple, with a pop of colour like a red lip, which isn't usually done for summer because you normally get oranges." Eyes are kept natural with a hint of brown shadow while eyebrows are blocked out and mascara is cast aside.

Talking about how she copes in an deadline environment with high expectations Cooke takes it in her stride: "I'm just used to it, I also think we strive on stress a bit, it's gets us going!"

Turning to the hand department, models displayed short, square nails with semi-rounded corners

Gonzalez-Longstaff revealed that models are wearing "a special unique custom blended colour combination for Isabel Garcia. She wanted a beautiful pink-gold tone to the nails, and because the Body Shop didn't exactly have this shade we came up with a colour combination using eyeshadow from their Shimmer Cube collection," - a new technique used here at Fashion Scout

Named 'Quiet Rose Gold' the team apply two coats of The Body Shop's 'Almond Kiss', a polish from their forthcoming 24-colour collection that has been described backstage as having "fashion forward colours".

"We then took a little bit of four Shimmer Cube colours: Dark Chocolate, Honeycomb, Marshmallow and Rose and blended them all together. While the nails are almost dry we take a cosmetic sponge and pat them down to start changing the hue."

The team also apply Dark Chocolate to the side of the nail in order to create a contour, as well as Rose in the centre to create a highlight.

Proud of the team's hard work, Gonzalez-Longstaff describes 'Quiet Gold Rose' as "perfect for the collection and for the models".

By Clarissa Waldron (@thisisclarissa)
Photographs by Celine Castillon