Saturday, 21 February 2015


Inspired by anatomy Youjia Jin toys with the idea of menswear tailoring for womenswear collections, creating impeccably tailored unisex pieces designed around the structure of the human body. For AW15 Jin’s collection enthused by twisted fairy tales presents the tale of a fearless Alice in Wonderland.

Sticking to her distinct minimal earthly tones, greys accented with electric blue, synonymous with Alice’s iconic hair ribbon, the incredibly well exercised assembly represents the anatomical structure in a wearable, tasteful, form, featuring heavy pleating and asymmetrical lapels.

Much like her choice of colours makeup remains natural, glossy, with hair sleeked back, presenting the models as innocent adolescents, keeping the main focus on the configuration of the garments. Similar to Da Vinci’s ideas Jin looks at the human body as a form of art, sculpting her designs around the human form itself. Remaining original in her designs Jin yet again manages to create versatility and present non-restrictive, innovative, gender-neutral collection.


Lily Gee, Sub Editor, @lilybethgee