Saturday, 21 February 2015

ROHMIR | Collection

An old song started to play and, one after another, “the dolls” made their way out on the runway. Classic and elegant hair together with thick, long eyelashes reproduced the timeless beauty of dolls perfectly.

Fluffy silver dresses mixed with bright pink tones walked out first, followed by black and red floor-length gowns and accompanied with glamour jewelries, flower-printed fabrics and fury accessories. The use of quality French tweed and lace, which earned it the designation of “elegant, glamourous and timeless French fashion”, gave the feeling of pure lines and a sensual and vintage look.

Obsession, affection, temptation...these are the feelings we have when we think about dolls and Olga succeeded bringing them into life.

The show closed with a kind of “old cartoons” song that evocates the little child silently residing inside of us and made the whole atmosphere absolutely perfect.

Writted by Federica Tenti, Blogger

Photography by Florian Schadauer

on Twitter @floriansdr