Saturday, 21 February 2015


Inspired by an imaginary forest, the new collection of Apu Jan, “Deep into the woods” was followed by the music, which combining electronic sounds, vocals, bass, guitar and violin created the perfect atmosphere of the forest.

The oriental looks walked down the catwalk looking like paintings; the modern digital prints, showing a series of delicate creatures, created a sense of nostalgia and a dreamy state, telling stories that Jan perfectly portrayed through the uses of various hand knitting and machine knitting techniques.

The elegant was combined perfectly with the casual style and bright blue tones were mixed with greyscale. Thick loose jumpers alternated with tight clean pencil skirts while the fabrics, the colors and the shapes created an interesting contrast between each other.

Again Apu Jan created a perfect dreamy scene, an escape for everyone who are constantly attached to the nostalgia of fantasy worlds.


Written by Federica Tenti, Blogger

Photography by Florian Schadauer

on Twitter @floriansdr