Friday, 12 September 2014

BACKSTAGE| Ong Oaj Pairam SS15

Models sit patiently and hair stylists bustle back and forth backstage at Toni&Guy before the Ong-Oaj Pairam show this evening. Amongst the frenzy and adrenaline we spoke with returning Head of Hair, Chie Sato, as she led the team in creating the "futuristic" look for the display.

What aesthetic are you aiming for in the Pairam show?

The look that I'm creating today is quite sleek, incorporating just a few ponytails. It's a modern geisha look. It's not very old-time so what we wanted to do was create a clean and shiny look.

Is it tricky to realise that look for the show in the various hair types you have here?

It's quite easy to incorporate as long as the girls have got length.

What key motifs have you noticed so far at Fashion Scout?

For hair I noticed that there is a really big contrast between wet and dry which looks quite trendy. Hair is also much more accessorised, and shape-wise hair isn't too wide, it's much more flatter on the side. It could be bit more higher on the top but it's not really really round overall.

What Toni&Guy products are you using backstage to create this look?

I'm using their volume mouse, and I'm also using golden gloss, hairspray and a shine spray. 

What Toni&Guy products would you describe as a must-have for backstage at a fashion show?

Volume mousse is an essential product for any show or any shoot.

By Clarissa Waldron, (@thisisclarissa).
Photographs by Anai Bharucha, (@anai014).