Friday, 12 September 2014


Chinese designer, Momo Wang set up Museum of Friendship earlier this year having completed her degree at Central St Martins. We spoke to her at her first showcase at Fashion Scout, where she discussed the spirit of her collection which unites emotions, experiences and females bonds.

What inspired your collection?

The prints were inspired by my friend's paintings, she is an artist in China. She paints objects like oysters that I really love, her work is quite surreal. I wanted to combine some interesting materials, like PVC tablecloth, with embroidery on top of the fabrics. I really like handmade, embroidery and felt so some pieces were created without using any sewing machines.

Tell me about the name of your label - Museum of Friendship.

It was all about the collaboration with my friend, we've been friends for a long time and she used to be my flatmate. She also writes some poetry so I have taken a lot of inspiration from her. I have used a doll house as a print on bags which also represents that we used to live together. You can never do fashion by yourself, it really is a teamwork thing so I just enjoy any chance to work with my friends, so we can do interesting things together.

It is an interesting name, how did you decide on it?

The Museum of Friendship is actually a real museum in North Korea. Other countries that have given gifts to North Korea are displayed here, so it's really unusual. One of my friends went there and it's a place you would never go, it's an interesting concept. 

Who is the typical Museum of Friendship customer?

I want girls to wear these dresses and grow up. I want to keep some memories in those pieces that they remember, like the transition of girlhood to womanhood. I am really into girls, as a gender, and femininity. I think that when they grow up, it's a really charming process. I like how they blossom and change every year, and I change as well, and we grow up together as the brand and the customer. 

What has the reaction been like to your work so far?

I already have quite a big fan base in China, girls will order my clothes and leave me really nice comments. I have gotten a lot of support from back home but now I want to make it more worldwide, so I have come to London Fashion Week and I will go to Paris too. 

How are you finding your first time at Fashion Scout?

Lots of my friends are here now, like Ming, there are a lot of Chinese fashion designers here so it's a really familiar environment for me. Fashion Scout is the name that I always heard about so that is why applied for it. It's nice to have the support here and we feel like a big family.

By Clarissa Waldron, (@thisisclarissa).

Photos by Elizabeth Hodson