Friday, 12 September 2014


NATALIEBCOLEMAN's collection, entitled "Be Still My Bleeding Heart" is an emotional collection that unites the designer's poignancy following the loss of her mother with a paired back femininity. Coleman established her womenswear label in 2010, which now includes silk scarves, leather bags, purses and swimwear. We caught up with the Irish designer at her first Fashion Scout showcase. 

Fashion Scout: What does your work here at Fashion Scout represent?

Natalie Coleman: It was my mother's anniversary this year so I focused on that. I always do my collections like a diary so there is usually a story behind them. 

FS: Can you tell us a little bit about your design process?

NC: I hand painted a bright red rose onto white fabric and included black ink falling from it and then I developed it into three different digital prints. I used this print on a number of pieces in the collection. I also included classic black and white pieces and lemon yellow. It's all quite feminine, summery and girlish with a bit of Guns n' Roses attitude in there. 

FS: Where are you based?

NC: I used to live in London because I did my MA in Saint Martin's, and now I move between Dublin and Bristol because my husband teaches there. 

FS: What are you most looking forward to in your Fashion Scout experience?

NC: I only just got here but I'm looking forward to it getting busier later and just the whole experience!

See Natalie Coleman's work at the Fashion Scout exhibition throughout Fashion Week.

Writer - Clarissa Waldron, (@thisisclarissa)
Photography by Elizabeth Hodson