Monday, 23 February 2015

COLLECTION | Jacob Birge

Combining fashion multidiscipline media, sound design, visual installations and fashion films innovative designer Jacob Birge takes the core of utilitarian, ‘work wear’, tailoring to a whole new level.

Using an amalgamation of bright yellow and blue with darker red, black and grey, Birge presents the ultramodern woman in a high-class manner. An unconventional variety of hi-tech materials, PVC trimmings, animal prints, wool, draped bondage roping and metal embroidery combined revolutionise asymmetrical cuts, presenting a clear and personal vision.

Sheer materials and exposed skin designs remain tasteful and sophisticated with slicked back braided hair and dark eye makeup proposing assurance in independence, open-mindedness, with high leather shoes and knee high boots heightening the models fierce personas.

Birge’s designs speak volumes, offering the audience a refreshing alternative to anything seen before; pioneering a ground-breaking, invigorating style.


By Lily Gee, Sub Editor, @lilybethgee

Photography: @clairedavey