Sunday, 22 February 2015


In true outlandish Pam Hogg style, creating an electric sensation of excitement, as the audience flusters in anticipation, a musical tribute to Steve Strange opens the show, leading on to hysterical howling and references to little red riding hood in an malevolent wood.
Alternative models of differing heights and genders cascade down the run way clad in eccentric headpieces, eye patches, tattoos and gold gloves. Hand applique embroidery of flames and slogans ‘diamond dogs and demons’, studs and pastel ribbons, cover the PVC leathers, velour, sheer body suits and foil capes reinforce Pam’s concept of a twisted fairy-tale seamlessly.

Though original and ingenious the collection captures reminisce of Pam’s Rock’N’Roll past, reflecting the idea of liberation, a time of extremity, optimising British culture at its best.
Recapturing the feeling of lack of restrictions Pam’s quirky designs, complimented by sinister eye-makeup, backcombed hair and giant leather heels, show the ingenious icon as a historically prominent designer screaming a momentous message to the masses.

Lily Gee, Sub Editor, @lilybethgee

Photography by @andrewrmoore