Sunday, 22 February 2015

INTERVIEW | Clio Peppiatt

The aesthetic of the designer has always been young, very colourful with an East-London playfulness. I went to have a chat with Clio to see what she had to say about the collection she has on display.

Hi Clio, I would love to know more about the collection you have on display here.
What has been you main inspiration?

This collection is all about motherhood. I wanted to celebrate it and the female body. I also wanted to show different sides of femininity. I did this through the prints on the fabric and the usage of embroidery and embellishments. It’s all hand made and sourced in the UK. I also chose to use fake fur of better quality for some of the pieces.

Today a mother doesn’t need to be or dress in a certain way; they can still be colourful, young and feminine.

How has you experience with Fashion Scout been?

I’m really excited for the opportunity. It’s great being here!


Carmen Procopiuc


Photography by @clairedavey