Monday, 23 February 2015

INTERVIEW | Kim Stevenson

Kim Stevenson Exhibition Post

Kim Stevenson is an Australian designer based in London with designs inspired by Native American techniques. If not by her own story she shows the transcendence of cultures though her garments, in a contemporary way.

We went to talk to her and see what she has been up to with her collection on display.

Hi Kim, what would you say is your signature design?

It would absolutely be the diversity of materials I use such as wool, denim and jeans, with techniques from the American Indian cultures. I want to celebrate diversity though this as well as creating a collection that gives a different feel on different people. I want it to be different but wearable.

How would you describe your collection?

I would say it’s relaxed, grungy with a twist of youth culture.

How have you enjoyed Fashion Scout as a platform for progress?

It has been great; it’s the perfect platform to “get out there”


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