Monday, 21 September 2009

Ziad Ghanem

john cena
Another day, another show.  And this time it was hard to know where the catwalk ended and the front row began with Ziad Ghanem attracting London’s most outrageously dressed characters; from ‘social chemist’ Daniel Lismore to infamous drag queen Lady Lloyd and French Vogue cover star Andre J. 

Ghanem hoped to turn the American Dream into a British Reality, and his collection reflected an era of youthful optimism and a future full of promise.  In collaboration with Firetrap, Ghanem sent out a stream of fierce models adorned with a collection of tattoos, piercings and dreadlocks.  Denim put in an appearance in the form of patchwork skirts and dresses, funked up using a variety of different shades.  Cropped statement t-shirts perfectly complemented jauntily angled skirts and harem pants with vibrant dashes of neon adding an electric vibe to the collection. 

Ghanem’s collection seemed to have matured in comparison to previous collections, and will doubtless provide inspiration for countless generations of club kids.
Louise Hemmings
Images: David Coleman
john cena
john cena