Friday 14 September 2012

COLLECTION| Dans la Vie S/S13

It was a rumbling bass that set the atmosphere of the S/S13 collection of Dans La Vie. Building into a crescendo of electronic music, as soon as the garments emerged, they brought the room to life. In the designer's third catwalk collection, the runway was soon filled with the iconic prints the label has become known for. Aptly named 'Moving Print Bodies', the garments embodied just that. Filled with bodysuits, reptilian skin prints and a diverse mix of materials, the garments were a true combination of feminine clinched-in waists, chequered details and dramatic peplums.

The creative force behind the internationally stocked Dans la Vie is the Tokyo born Rira Sugawara. With her being a graduate of Art and Art History at the Waseda university and growing up in Japan, it's clear how much her background complements what she likes to call her 'Clash Beauty', 'Neo Pop' creations. Having started the brand as a print label in 1999, she's as talented as her designs are bold.
Her aesthetic didn't stop at the clothes. Make-up was feminine and almost feline. The ever-apparent checkered pattern, which was used to “highlight the relationship between the body and the print” covered parts of the model's faces throughout. Hair consisted of long ponytails and shaved sides of the head, which only served in adding to the designer's statement pieces.

Referencing Japanese Gods of wind, thunder and the dragon, the collection let loose with contemporary pieces “where the world transcends all four dimensions”. As the music faded and the Dans La Vie S/S13 collection came to an end, the room felt rather empty without the bold colours and even bolder shapes. With a round of applause and a modest bow from Sugawara, the show was something truly memorable.

Text by Josh Walker VFS Contributor (@josh_walker_)
Images by Ryan Bater