Saturday, 19 September 2009


john cena
Korean designer Jade Kang packed out the main catwalk hall this afternoon, with Vauxhall Fashion Scout interns rushing around in order to squeeze every last guest in. It seemed everyone wanted to see just what summer looked like for the LCF graduate - a playful use of chiffon, silk and organza creating floaty, dreamlike, feminine dresses.
The main feature of the show was the ruffled fabric rippling down all of the garments, producing a flirty, curvaceous silhouette that reflected a Spanish influence. Flashes of citrus orange and emerald green took centre stage away from the beige and warm whites of the body suits and floor-length dresses, with printed chiffon adding an extra dimension. The ballooned sleeved jackets and asymmetric dresses were the staple pieces, using soft fabrics to create curvy and exaggerated silhouettes. Hard embellishment on the shoulders and inserts of black juxtaposed rigid elements within the girly garments.
Extremely fun and feminine, the collection accentuated the female form - creating movement, a Latin sensuality and setting a playful tone on the catwalk. Jennifer Hore
Images: David Coleman

john cena
john cena