Saturday, 19 September 2009


john cena

The memory of a childhood ballet class springs to mind as whimsical classical strains play as an introduction to Niki Taylor’s new Olanic (an anagram of her full name – Nicola) collection – inspired by her love of all forms of dance. As the first model takes to the catwalk we are soon re-introduced to Taylor’s classic mix of cute, playful designs with a sharp twist of rockstar glamour, along with the pumping beats.
This juxtaposition is carried throughout the collection; quirky floral prints and bow appliqués are matched with high-luxe metallic belts, pastel studs and heavy suede. The ballet shoe is warped into a pink suede, multi-strapped wooden platform heel, flashes of bronze on patchwork wet-look leggings and twists of black lurex rope create the ultimate in 1980s high-octane glamour.
The showstopper from the Glaswegian designer is a strikingly micro mini dress in rose gold leather, exquisitely tailored with her ubiquitous punkish overtones. Rock on Olanic.
Nicola Castelow

Images: David Coleman
john cena

john cena