Saturday, 19 September 2009

Romina Karamanea

john cena

Romina Karamenea showcased her third solo collection this morning in the grand surroundings of the Vauxhall Presentation Hall. The Saint Martins graduate is known for her innovative pattern cutting and love of sculptural design - and this season the collection proved just that. Using a monochrome colour palette of soft black, off-white and grey, the designer made the geometric patterns and tailored garments the epitome of modern chic. A short, artistically eerie film of a girl chopping her long locks into a rigid bob started off the show. The music and lights gradually intensified to full power as the first model strode out.
Each one sported a ‘hacked at’ hairstyle, which contrasted against their fluid silhouettes. An array of silk jersey dresses and box shouldered boleros gave a variety of silhouettes, creating structural forms. The high waist skirt was a key piece throughout, styled with cropped, long sleeve jackets - all shown in an array of demure shades and embellished with metal eyelets. Panels were laced together to create a running theme of disconnection and everything being disjointed, proportionately.
Colour clashes were harsh but the garments, feminine and shapely, all flattering the body. Overall a graphic and edgy collection, with each piece perfectly wearable for summer. Jennifer Hore
Images: Eddie Blagbrough

john cena
john cena