Friday, 18 September 2009

Kingston University MA - "Body Lab" by Rachel Lamb

john cena
Dimmed lights, pulsating beats - Kingston University's MA show begins. ‘Body Lab’ kicks off Vauxhall’s Presentation Hall with an unveiling of two of their most promising graduates. Rachel Lamb, one of Kingston’s rising stars, was inspired by her Celtic heritage and therefore her ability to bruise, blush and blemish easily. The collection, ‘The Skin I Am In,’ featured molded leather contrasted against a draped palette of nude hues, represented the ageing process of the human body. As the show progressed, the models lazily glided around the floor, displaying their ageing skins. Nude body suits, structured dresses and unbalanced silhouettes were all transformed using digital prints in a deep shade of pink, creating a journey through the constant reinvention of the human form.
The MA Fashion course at Kingston is one of a kind, and introduces its students to explore new ways of creating clothing, particularly through the latest advances in science and technology. And though only in its first year, the course has already been praised for pushing the boundaries of fashion education forward. Hopefully their slot at Vauxhall Fashion Scout will be the first of many to come as it showcased exactly they are able to achieve. Jennifer Hore
Image: Eddie Blagbrough
john cena