Friday, 14 February 2014

INTERVIEW| Jamie Wei Huang AW14

Following her Fashion Scout showcase we caught up with Jamie Wei Huang to get a further insight into her AW14 collection.

Hi Jamie, can you tell me about the inspirations behind your AW14 collection?

The whole collection was inspired by the film The Pianist however instead of war I wanted to focus on the war refugees themselves, I wanted to focus on their character. Although the collection is based on the film the idea has developed and its more about the individual's.

What was it about the characters that you wanted to showcase?

Before the war these people may have been teachers, artists or musicians, they may have had great wealth, they may even be hiding a beautiful dress under their masculine oversized coats however war has made then favour function just in order to survive and keep warm. Although the refugees environment changes they don’t change themselves in terms of character they just learn to adapt and survive.

There was a very clear mood set throughout the show, it was slightly sombre, tell us more about this?

I wanted the models to walk quietly so that the audience is given the space to think about who they are as people, underneath the oversized clothes. I also wanted the women to be seen as unified.

Is the juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity important throughout all of your work?

Yes, my last collection also featured masculine silhouettes, it's an ongoing thing for me, I don’t simply design one collection then stop and design the next, its all an ongoing story.

What do you think about Fashion Scout as a platform for progression?

It has given young designers and graduates a big platform and a chance for exposure, it has been very good for me to to get the chance to show my work through Fashion Scout.

Interview by Charlotte Muscat (@CharlotteLM9)
Photography by Sim D, taken on the compact fashion forward LumixGM1 (@PanasonicUK)