Sunday, 16 February 2014

INTERVIEW| Little Shilpa AW14

Today Little Shilpa has come back for her second season at Fashion Scout. AW14’s collection ‘Vesper Bloom’ was an incredibly powerful presentation that had the entire room hypnotised by Shilpa’s contrasting textiles and fabrics. We spoke to Shilpa Chavan to hear her thoughts for Autumn Winter.

Well Done Shilpa. This presentation is amazing, how are you feeling about it?

Thank you so much. I’m good thank you, I’ve had a very hectic morning, a model cancelled right at the last minute so it’s been very stressful and I’ve been very anxious. We’re here now though and the room has been full so I guess that’s a good sign.

It definitely is. Last season was a very colourful and uplifting collection, what was it that made you want to create a collection that is so somber and dark?

Indian Saris inspired the collection last season so it needed to be colourful to present the colours and fabrics of the Saris. This season I was inspired by ‘Vespertine’. I showed lots of beautiful colours last season but this season I wanted to show a darker light, and a beauty to it. The darkness has another life, some flowers can only grow at night. I wanted to show this side.

Do you feel you’ve progressed in any way since last season?

I’m a lot more grounded this season. This time I’m moving in just one direction which has actually been easier to just focus on one colour tone.

Read our review of Little Shilpa’s presentation ‘Vesper Bloom’ to see the full details of the astounding collection.

By Emily Black, (@emilyy_black)
Photography by Oli Savage (@OliSav) taken on the fashion forward LumixGM1 (@PanasonicUK)