Monday, 19 September 2011

Backstage at Fashion Shenzhen

Photography by Magdalena Golembiewska

The hair was very neat backstage at Fashion Shenzhen: if short it was slicked back with a waxy texture and the ones with longer hair balanced a sleek, tidy bun. This perhaps was so to not distract from the busy and eclectic garments from Deng Hao and Haiping Xie. In the second collection, these constructions were covered by short and very blunt hairpieces, which brushed over backwards bandanas.

After the show, we spoke to Tim Furssedonn from Tony and Guy about the styling:

Explain the two different looks seen in Fashion Shenzhen?
Due to the complexity of all the outfits, we had two very different ideas. We went for a progressive bun on top, which was the foundation to put the wigs on top. So you can actually transcend into another look quite quickly.  So you’ve got the bun and the little sort of caps that go on top of the bun so you get a bouffant feel, but it all works. Like a Berlin bowl but with an early 70’s twist

How was the bun created?
The first one was a waxed up pony tail, we sewed it down and then sewed it forwards, so it goes back on itself so it’s a double ended thing and is a more flatter progressive bun

What products did you use to create the look?
The wax stick, hair spray and volume mousse from Tony and Guy Label.m 

Text: Rosanna Cole