Monday, 19 September 2011

Backstage at House of Evolution Spring Summer 2012

Amber Le Bon backstage at House of Evolution Photgraphy by Magdalena Golembiewska

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden
The first look at House Of Evolution was clean and understated. A true complementary aid to the virginal white gown the angelic model donned. However, before the magic on the catwalk began; I had the opportunity to sneak backstage to talk once again to Lan Nguyen, head of make-up with Body Shop and the three Toni & Guy musketeers; Bill Watson, Fabrizio Palmieri and Michael Jones who had worked with each individual designer to create a look that completed the muse.

Girls stood patiently in hair and make-up, draped in light silks and chiffons, waiting on orders from the powers that be. Hair varied from poker straight weightless tendrils to messy the morning after the night before plaits to chic geometric partings pointing to glorified ponytails.

Lan, mid applying a models custom feather eyelashes for the Rohmir presentation described the overall look as very clean, highlighting once again the cheekbone with, what is turning out to be the darling Body Shop product of the season; the Illuminating Cream.

As Fabrizio, Matthew and Bill stood patiently post run-through, I spoke to them about their hero products. Creating messy looks, they said, was harder than you would expect. It has to look high fashion, without trying, and it's hard to do. They relied heavily on the label.m Resurrection Dust and Dry Shampoo (key products I myself regularly carry with me), but also the Shine Spray added Bill; it gives the highlighting effect without the not been washed for a week symptom.

Once the crowds in the foyer had taken their seats...They joined me in witnessing the beauty I had beheld backstage.

Text: Madeleine Ayers