Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rekorderlig at VFS

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden
Sweden has sent us some of the world’s most beautiful models (Johanna Jonsson, Elsa Sylvan, Caroline Winberg…) and they continue to delight us with cider. Like the iconic Swedish models, the Rekorderlig brand stands out. In a market with so many established brands, Rekorderlig has maintained an acute identity found on Swedish heritage: It is a family run business and the cider is made using the purest spring water from Vimmerby along with organic fruits. Furthermore, Rekorderlig has been successfully introduced into several countries around the world, including Britain, a nation of cider connoisseurs! (They must be doing something right)

Using the typically Swedish fusion of high-end, premium design and modesty (the bottles have a minimalist folksy aesthetic that hold quality ingredients) Rekorderlig has a clear identity that sets it apart from others. Not only this but Rekorderlig has reinvented cider making it stylish and up-to-date, thus renewing appreciation among the young and hip. Vauxhall Fashion Scout is thrilled to be sponsored by such a pioneering brand.
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Text: Amy Lockwood