Sunday, 15 September 2013


Graduating from the Istituto Marangoni Paris, Sasha Nassar’s international flair is evident within her controversial clothing that makes a political statement. Imbued with depth, Sasha’s light and delicate Islamic-inspired garments definitely make a statement.

Heavily conceptual and thought provoking, this collection is not only an example of creativity but also a moving statement towards the politics of the middle east.

Presenting her collection today at Graduate Showcase, we spoke to the inventive designer.

Your collection is clearly a political statement on the Middle East, but what exactly are your views on the situation that inspired the collection?
I was born in the Middle-East and have grown up with the restrictions and conflicts that women face. The burka is a symbol of the middle-eastern woman and I wanted to develop it. I created a burka without sleeves (accidentally) and used lace.  It is their personal spring and it shows the woman behind the Burka.

What elements have you used to allow this statement to be translated into fashion?
I have used Islamic patterns so the history is revealed, but also as it is attractive and appealing to women. The dress is a development of the traditional clothing but also celebrates the woman’s body. I’ve used lace, as well that exposes parts of the body, which is definitely not allowed in the middle-east.

I’ve noticed that the Burkas do not allow any room for arm movement, is this also a symbol for how middle-eastern women are treated?
Yes. The arms are trapped, they show how the women are not allowed to move or be themselves. They aren’t free.

Today you’re presenting your collaboration with MUUSE, could you describe this collection to us?
Well, I won the international graduate showcase and the prize was to collaborate with MUUSE, We made a collection that adapted my graduate work. This collection is more street style and wearable. The burka now has a zip, and the lace is printed onto the clothing. It’s a more sporty collection.

How do you feel to have your work showcased today at Freemason’s Hall?
I’m really excited. This is a great opportunity and a great platform. I feel very lucky.

Sasha’s has received a lot of attention for her astounding work. It’s no surprise; her graduate collection and MUUSE collaboration are truly impressive.

By Emily Black, @emilyy_black
Photos by Benjamin Turgel, @benjaminturgel
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