Monday, 16 September 2013


Pam Hogg’s SS14 show left almost everyone speechless. The punk inspired designer has yet again amazed with her extremely eccentric creations. The build up to the show, as the guests were seated, was manic. It was clear that everyone was thrilled to be a part of one of the most original, inventive and creative designers showcases.

‘Future past: War & Peace: Past future’ was an example of what Pam does best with the signature geometric latex body suits and dramatic veiling that we never tire of. The shock factor was whole-heartedly projected on the catwalk. We were presented with dirtied military jumpsuits, sparkling war heroines and suggestive gatherings that were then followed by extremely delicate floral and feathered headpieces, layered underskirts, and a graceful ballerina. The juxtaposition of ‘War & Peace’ was fully embodied this evening at Freemasons’ Hall.

Once the talented ballet performance had ceased, and the crowd began to clap, an extremely controversial bride emerged with a black veil and her ultimate accessory- a crutch. The trembling model caused a stir as we were all left wondering if this was a ploy to cause chaos or an incredibly dedicated model. Either way, it played perfectly to Pam’s outrageous aesthetic.

Pam Hogg has propelled her career into it’s fourth decade with yet another collection that is fully removed from trend culture. The buzz that was surrounding this show was left completely engorged as those lucky enough to view were astounded- in all the ways that Pam intended. 

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By Emily Black, @emilyy_black
Photography by Tracy Asslanian, @TracyAsslanian